Andrews Water Heaters

July 18, 2022 | Andrews Water Heaters, Water Heaters

Andrews Water Heaters

About Andrews Water Heaters

One of the biggest names in UK heating, Andrews Water Heaters are a quality brand and focus mainly on commercial heaters. Their gas-fired water heaters are created to very high standards, and provide a cost-effective solution to commercial water heating whether it’s for a hotel, restaurant, school or medical facility. 

The company was founded in 1976, and since then it has proven itself to be a leader in the sector, with a huge range of reliable products that assure a high performance, whether used in a domestic or residential setting. Its products are sold in the UK and wider afield in Europe thanks to its popular design features, whether condensing or non-condensing, and their commitment to only using high-quality parts on every appliance. 

It operates with a set of values that keep it on top of the game in the world of commercial heating, such as being reliable, creating products which are safe to use, remaining passionate about the services and products provided, and keeping a creative mindset when designing their water heaters.

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The Andrews Water Heaters Range

With such a large range, Andrews Water Heaters provides a selection of both condensing and non-condensing options, boasting high efficiency coupled with low running costs. 

If you’re selecting a commercial condensing water heater, then you will benefit from great recovery rates as well as flexible flue options which will make installation a breeze. They come with WRAS approval, covering vented systems as well as unvented ones, for your peace of mind. 

Some of the best models in the condensing range include:

ECOflo COMPACT – up to 19kW output, with 190 litre storage

FASTflo PLUS – up to 56kW output, a wall hanging unit

ECOflo – up to 118.7kW output, has an A efficiency rating

MAXXflo EVO – up to 120kW output, low nitrous oxide emissions

MAXXflo – up to 120kW output, made from durable stainless steel

COMBIflo – up to 150kW output, award-winning design

SUPAflo EVO – up to 540kW output, huge recovery rate

When it comes to non-condensing options for commercial premises, Andrews Water Heaters offers a choice of storage models as well as instantaneous hot water options. The top models on offer include:

CLASSICflo BALANCED – up to 9kW output, has a B rated efficiency

CLASSICflo FAN FLUED – up to 18kW output, with fan-assisted flue

CLASSICflo – up to 20kW output, with 360 litre storage

FASTflo – up to 42kW output, for instant hot water

HIflo EVO – up to 65kW output, boasts a rapid recovery rate

Andrews Commercial Water Heaters Installation & Servicing

Andrews Waters Heaters are designed with easy installation in mind, and you should always have these water heaters installed by a professional company. If you are replacing an existing boiler or water heater in the same place as it was removed from, then it is a fairly straightforward process that should only take a couple of hours. If the property is not owned by you, it is ultimately the landlord’s responsibility to have the appliance serviced once every twelve months. 

If you are having the water heater installed on a commercial premises, ensure that the area around it is clear before the engineers arrive for installation. Your engineer will give you a rundown of how your new water heater works, and let you know any important information. 

When your new Andrews water heater is installed, be sure to have it serviced at regular intervals to keep it in the best condition for years. For commercial water heaters and boilers which are under more pressure to perform well than residential appliances, we recommend a bi-annual service. 

Servicing a commercial boiler or water heater only takes around one hour and it’s an affordable way to maintain the equipment, which can lower future costs when it comes to energy bills and expensive breakdowns. A frequent check of your heating system keeps it free from dirt, grime and limescale build up too, and your registered Gas Safe technician will be able to check for leaks of water or carbon monoxide. 

Why Choose Rowlen?

Whether you are looking to install a new Andrews water heater or need repairs and servicing for this particular brand, rest assured Rowlen has the professional experts on our team to deliver a first-class service. We always put our customers first and pride ourselves on the reasonable prices we offer and can attend your commercial premises at a time convenient for you. 

If you need expert Andrews Water Heater servicing or installation, or just some more information about the range of water heaters this brand has on offer, and which would be best for your needs, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help.

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