Baxi Commercial Boilers

April 10, 2022 | Baxi, Commercial Boilers

Baxi Commercial Boilers

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About Baxi Commercial Boilers

The Baxi brand is one of the best-known and most popular manufacturers of high-quality boilers in the UK, having been around since 1866. The brand takes pride in its high-efficiency heating and hot water products that are easy to install, service, use, and maintain, and of course, as you would expect from a leading manufacturer, it also offers free labour and parts warranties for the purchaser’s peace of mind.

Baxi’s customer service is award-winning, and as all customers benefit from their own dedicated, experienced, and professional business or sales manager, it’s easy to see why so many people choose Baxi commercial boilers for their properties.

The Baxi brand encompasses an impressive portfolio of sister companies, ensuring that there are plenty of excellent commercial boiler options available to choose from.

From Baxi’s own range, there are boilers that are suited to the needs of light commercial settings, but for higher capacity requirements, there are models that are available from some of the other brands under the Baxi umbrella like Andrews Water Heaters and Heatrae Sadia.

The Baxi Commercial Boiler Range

The Baxi range, which encompasses products from all of its sister companies, is extremely extensive, including aluminium and stainless-steel commercial boilers. The products include:

The Quinta Ace

Lightweight, compact and guaranteed to produce low NOx emissions, this advanced boiler is ideal for light commercial applications. It comes in a choice of seven sizes from 30 to 160kW.

The Gas 210 Eco Pro

This free-standing, pre-assembled condensing boiler is high-efficiency and comes in a choice of four models from 80 to 200kW.

The Gas 310/610 Eco Pro 

Free-standing, pre-assembled, and high efficiency, the Gas 310/610 Eco Pro is a convenient choice for plant rooms since it is delivered on wheels and can be manoeuvred easily into spaces. There are twelve different models to choose from, between 285 and 1300kW to suit the needs of all kinds of commercial applications.

The Gas 120 Ace 

This range of floor-standing, advanced modular condensing boilers is designed for use with sealed heating systems. It fits onto the same footprint as a standard boiler offering an equal heat output. There are three models available between 65 and 115kW.

The Gas 220 Ace 

This gas-fired, free-standing, and high-efficiency range of condensing boilers offers four different models between 160 and 300kW.

The Paramount Five

This condensing wall-hung gas boiler range has been meticulously designed with the most cutting-edge technology for maximum efficiency. There are seven different boilers in this range between 30 and 115kW.

The Eurocondense Five 

This boiler range offers highly efficient heating using the latest technology for all sizes of commercial buildings. The range encompasses nine different models between 125 and 610kW.

The Sirius Three WH 

Lightweight and compact, this range of condensing boilers is a market leader in terms of its modulation ratio. There are seven different models from 50 to 150kW in this range.

The Sirius Three FS 

Designed for use in all types of small commercial premises and ideal for medium or large-scale applications, this range of boilers comes with eight different models between 50 and 250kW.

The Sirius FS 

This condensing boiler is a floor standing model that provides cost-effective and energy-efficient heating for all large scale commercial settings like nursing homes, hotels, leisure facilities, and schools. There are two models available – 400 or 525kW.

Baxi Commercial Boiler Installation & Servicing

Baxi commercial boilers are designed with engineer-friendliness in mind in terms of installation, servicing, and maintenance. Thanks to their user-friendly configurations, they are suitable for any user to understand and get to grips with easily and their diagnostic codes make solving issues a relatively straightforward process.

It is highly recommended that commercial boilers from Baxi’s extensive range are serviced at least once every 6 months so that they can continue running at the optimal level of efficiency. Servicing is very important as it gives advanced warnings of any potential problems with the boiler’s components while also giving a chance to remove accumulations of dirt, residue, and dust from inside its internal parts.

The Rowlen team are specialists in the field of commercial boiler installation, servicing, and maintenance. You can depend on us for all your Baxi commercial boiler needs, whether you’re choosing a new boiler for your commercial facility, whether you’re seeking highly trained and qualified engineers to carry out repairs and maintenance, or whether you just need some professional expert advice.

To find out more about the Baxi commercial boiler range, get in touch with our team today and get a no obligation quote over the telephone. We’ll help you to determine the best type and size of boiler for your needs based on your commercial property’s square footage and the other key factors that need to be taken into account.

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