Can I Still Replace My Old Gas Boiler?

September 24, 2021 | Boiler Replacement, Gas Boilers, Old Boilers

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If you’re still living with a clunky old back boiler, which groans into life every morning waking the whole house, it’s probably time to think about replacing it. There are loads of options depending on your needs, and a new boiler will reduce your heating costs and your environmental impact for years to come. So, if you’re wondering if you can still replace an old gas boiler our recommendation would be definitely, and here’s why now is a great time to do it. 

Why Choose a New Boiler? 

A new boiler is a great long-term investment. Most boilers these days have a lifespan of upwards of 10 years, which is 10 long happy years of piping hot water, toasty warm radiators, and boiler peace of mind. But, after about eight years or so, your boiler may start to lose efficiency, succumb to breakdowns and maintenance issues, and that peace of mind you once enjoyed could turn into a big headache. 

So, if you’re starting to experience regular breakdowns, expensive engineer callouts, rising heating bills, or if your boiler is simply over 10 years old, it might be time to start looking at replacing it. If you still have that 40-year-old back boiler, now is definitely the right time to start investigating your options.

Grants and ‘Green’ Money

The UK government and large energy companies have signed up to ECO3, which is the Energy Company Obligation and is designed to improve heating efficiency, reduce environmental impact and tackle fuel poverty throughout the UK. 

This means there is still money available in the form of grants to subsidise, or even completely cover, the cost of a boiler upgrade

As you would expect there is an application process and certain criteria you must meet, but it’s certainly worth taking a look. You can find out more here.

There is also the Green Homes Grant available to homeowners in England, which aims to improve the energy efficiency of homes (England only), by covering some or all of the cost of upgrading your heating to a more energy and carbon efficient system. You can get more info and check your eligibility here

The Choice Has Never Been Better

There was a time when your heating system options were limited, but now, depending on which factors are most important to you, you have so many choices. Speaking to your recommended local installer will help you figure out your options, but you can choose from: 

A combi boiler, offering:

  • Instant hot water
  • Compact unit
  • Great efficiency
  • Space saving
  • Ideal for couples or small families

A system boiler, offering:

  • No requirement for a cold water tank
  • Simple installation
  • Responds quickly to hot water demand
  • Great option for larger homes or homes with 2+ bathrooms
  • Brilliant water pressure

A regular boiler, offering: 

  • Great handling of high demands for hot water
  • Suitability for large properties, large families and multiple bathrooms
  • Easy to replace an old system as it makes use of current hot water cylinder and cold water tank
  • More efficient than they used to be
  • Back up immersion heater options

So, you see – the choice really is yours depending on your unique requirements. 

Efficiency and Saving Money

Replacing your old gas boiler now will pay you back in the long run. Modern boilers are super-efficient – and that efficiency means money in your pocket rather than being wasted on unnecessary heating bills.

The efficiency of your boiler is based on how much energy it uses and what the cost of that energy is – basically how much it costs to run. The higher the rating, the higher the efficiency, and the lower the cost. 

You can check how efficient your current boiler is in a few ways. 

If you already have a more modern system, this is pretty easy. Most of them come with a sticker (check the front, back, or bottom) indicating its energy rating from A-G. A is the best with over 90% efficiency and ‘G’ is the lowest with under 70%. Modern technology means that most boilers come with at least an A rating, so look out for A+, A++, and even A+++ ratings.

Now you know the efficiency of your current model, you can make an informed choice about the likely savings you can make by replacing your old gas boiler. 

What About ‘The Ban’? 

You might have heard the rumours that gas boilers are set to be banned in the UK under what the Government is calling the “Green Industrial Revolution”. The initial plans to ban gas boilers in favour of more ‘Green’ heating options in new-build homes was announced by the government late last year. The proposed date was seemingly brought forward from 2025 to 2023, but was later retracted as a ‘mix-up’ and the likely date for a full ban on gas boilers in homes will probably be closer to 2050. So you still have plenty of time to make the most of the savings and improved performance of a modern, efficient gas boiler.  

So, if you’re still asking yourself if you can still replace that old gas boiler, why not check whether financial support is available, what your options are based on your needs, and how much money you could save by taking the plunge – we’re sure you won’t regret it. We are boiler replacement experts here at Rowlen and serve London and Surry, so when it’s time to get a new boiler, give us a call and we’ll offer invaluable advice and a first-rate boiler installation service too. 

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