Commercial Boiler Service London

February 14, 2021 | Commercial Boilers, Commercial Maintenance

Commercial Boiler Maintenance London

Having a commercial boiler brings responsibilities that are greater than for the type of boiler that you will have at home. It is always advisable to maintain your boiler and get it serviced regularly, but when it comes to a commercial boiler, you have a legal duty to make sure everything is running smoothly. Find out more about commercial boiler maintenance in London and where to find qualified engineers. 

How to Maintain Your Own Commercial Boiler

Boilers combine gas and/or electricity with water, and so care should always be taken when carrying out any type of maintenance or repair. All work carried out on your commercial boiler should be done by a qualified engineer. If you already hire maintenance workers, or the property you own/lease has maintenance workers, then you may think it is logical that they will be able to maintain your boiler for you. 

However, before you instruct anyone to carry out any boiler work, you should ensure they have the appropriate Gas Safety qualifications. If they do not have the right qualifications, then they should not carry out any work on your boiler.

What you can do to keep your boiler in great shape is to check it over regularly to make sure everything looks normal. This can be done without having to take anything apart within your boiler. If anything looks different, call someone out straight away. 

Professional Commercial Boiler Servicing 

It is a good idea to keep an eye on your boiler so that you can get it repaired as soon as there is any sign of something going wrong. However, there are several reasons why you should call in the professionals when it’s time to have your boiler serviced. 

Firstly, and very important for your business, having your commercial boiler serviced professionally is a legal requirement if you are the owner or landlord of commercial premises. The legal obligation to have a yearly Gas Safety inspection could mean that criminal proceedings could be brought against you if you fail to have a professional service and keep records to show that your service has been conducted. 

Secondly, keeping up with the maintenance of your commercial boiler can also improve efficiency and save you money. Having a service carried out by a qualified engineer will ensure your boiler is less likely to break down and need repairs. It can be tempting to try to save money when it comes to maintenance and only do the bare minimum. However, you will usually find that in the long term this will cause you more problems and the more maintenance you carry out as a regular part of the day to business, the less likely you will have issues that cost more with your boiler. 

Having an efficient boiler will save you money on your bills. This may not be a huge concern if your commercial boiler is within a building used by others, and you are not responsible for the energy bills. However, passing on savings due to an efficient boiler can be a perk that makes your property attractive to potential clients.

What is Included in Professional Servicing?

When you have a commercial boiler serviced by a qualified engineer will usually carry out the following tasks:

  • Check and clean components such as: 
    • The combustion fan
    • The heat exchanger 
    • The burner
    • Probes
    • Strainers
  • Check the water pressure
  • Check the ionisation current
  • Ensure the flue gas outlet and air supply connections are ok
  • Check either automatic or manual air vents
  • Check any non-return valves
  • Read any fault codes that may be displayed to ensure any specific issues are resolved

A full service will usually include the replacement of any necessary parts, and the fault system will be reset so that you know if a new fault is registered.

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Where to Find a Company to Service Your Commercial Boiler

If you need a commercial boiler service in London, then many companies can supply a qualified, gas safe engineer. 

Whether you are looking for a boiler replacement and installation, a new boiler or a boiler service plan from anywhere near Ealing to Eastcote, or Hammersmith to Hounslow, get in touch with Rowlen Boiler Services and find out what the experts have to offer. 

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