Do You Need a Power Flush When Installing a New Boiler?

March 01, 2021 | News

Do You Need A Power Flush When Installing A New Boiler

If the time has come for you to upgrade your boiler, then you will probably be keen to ensure that everything is covered so that you can enjoy optimum heat and hot water whenever you need to. 

However, many people forget that if their central heating system is not being replaced, then it is important to use this opportunity to clean out your radiators and remove any grime and build up that has accumulated over the years. Read on to find out how we can help you achieve this goal.

What Is a Power Flush & How Does It Work?

A power flush is a process that takes a chemical cleaner and pushes it through your radiators at high pressure, cleaning it and removing any debris or grime that may be stopping the radiator from working properly. Many people are shocked at the level of dirt that comes out during a power flush and comment that it has a genuine impact on the way their home is heated once it has been completed.

Power flushing needs to be completed by a professional due to the harsh chemicals that are used and because it can be an incredibly messy process if you do not have the right machinery. Using  Rowlen Boiler Services for your power flush does not just give you access to the specialists you need, but you can also combine it with our boiler installation service so that you do not need to arrange lots of different companies to complete the work.

Do I Need a Power Flush When My New Boiler Is Installed?

Power flushing is highly advisable if you are undertaking a boiler replacement, especially if your radiators are over five years old. As radiators get older, they fill with dirt and grime that stops them from working as effectively as they once did which means that if you do not flush them, your new boiler won’t be as efficient at heating your home and you will end up spending more on your utility bills.

If your radiators are under five years old, then you may not need to have a power flush, especially if you don’t use them very often. However, if you want to avoid having to flush the radiators a year down the line, then it may be a good option to complete it when you are already having work done. Feel free to discuss this option with us when you call to get a quote for your boiler replacement and installation. 

What Does A Power Flush Cost?

The price of power flushing is wholly dependent on the number of radiators you have and the complexity of the system. It will, however, be significantly less than the cost of replacing radiators that have not been properly maintained.

Each home is different, and if you have a smaller property with only a few radiators, then your power flush will only take a couple of hours. However, if you own a large property and have a system that is older and more complex, you may find that the power flush can take a couple of days to complete. Whatever size your property may be, Rowlen Boiler Services will be able to clean it and bring it back to life so that you can enjoy consistent heating without having to break the bank!

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Choosing the Right Team for Your Boiler Replacement and Power Flush

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