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April 27, 2023 | News

Rowlen doing a boiler service in London

Schedule a top-notch gas boiler service in London with our experienced and qualified Gas Safe registered engineers ➤ Boost the lifespan and efficiency of your boiler and heating system.

Experience exceptional boiler servicing that enhances your boiler’s performance, reduces energy consumption and ensures safety! Our services include:

  • Highly skilled Gas Safe registered engineers in your area
  • Servicing all models, types, and brands of boilers
  • Preventing gas leakage risks and fire hazards
  • Maximizing the efficiency of your appliance

Our Step-by-Step Approach to Boiler Servicing in London

1. Easy Online Booking for Boiler Service

Complete our user-friendly online booking form in under a minute. Select a suitable day and time for your local boiler engineer to arrive. Our customer support is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

2. Meet Your Gas Safe Registered Engineer

Our Gas Safe registered engineer will perform all necessary tests, visual inspections, and minor part replacements (if required) to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your boiler.

3. Enjoy Peace of Mind with a Fully Serviced Boiler

Relax, knowing that your boiler is functioning optimally and safely for another year.

Book a boiler quote

Call our specialists on 020 8395 8616 or fill in our booking form.

Comprehensive Boiler Service Packages for Your Needs

We offer two boiler servicing options, covering a range of checks and tests to guarantee your appliance operates safely and at its peak capacity. Choose between our Standard Boiler Service and Boiler Service Plus packages:

Standard Boiler Service: Starting at £95

  • Comprehensive inspection of your appliance, components, and controls
  • Leak detection, rust spot, and corrosion checks
  • Boiler seal and ignition examination
  • Heat exchanger and flue analyser tests

Boiler Service Plus: Starting at £120

  • Includes all tasks from the Standard Boiler Service
  • Radiator valve leak visual inspection
  • Radiator performance testing

Top Reasons to Service Your Boiler Annually

Regular boiler servicing not only improves your appliance’s performance but also extends its lifespan. More importantly, it ensures the safety of your family and property. Here are the main reasons for annual boiler servicing:

  • Safety: A malfunctioning boiler can pose serious risks, such as carbon monoxide poisoning or fire hazards.
  • Warranty: Skipping your annual boiler service may void your appliance’s warranty, making you responsible for repair costs.
  • Energy Efficiency: A well-maintained and serviced boiler operates more efficiently, providing better heating at lower costs.
  • Longevity: Regular servicing can prevent minor issues from escalating into significant problems that require boiler replacement.
  • Legal Requirements for Landlords: Landlords must have an annual gas safety check and boiler service performed by a Gas Safe registered engineer to maintain their gas safe certificate.

Our Commitment to Exceptional Boiler Servicing in London

Trusted and Efficient Gas Boiler Service in London

Keep your boiler and heating system in peak condition with our gas boiler service. Our team of experienced Gas Safe registered engineers are dedicated to maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your boiler, ensuring your home stays warm and cozy all year round.

Comprehensive Boiler Servicing for All Makes and Models

Our engineers have the expertise to service any make, model, or type of gas boiler. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can perform necessary tests and visual checks, replace minor parts when required, and guarantee the optimal performance of your appliance.

Flexible Scheduling and Transparent Pricing

We understand the importance of convenience and transparency. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling options and upfront pricing for our boiler services. With our user-friendly online booking system, you can easily schedule an appointment with our local Gas Safe registered engineers at a time that suits you.

Choose Us for Reliable Gas Boiler Service in London

With our team of experienced, Gas Safe registered engineers and a commitment to providing exceptional customer service, you can trust us to keep your boiler and heating system operating at peak performance. Don’t wait – book your annual gas boiler service today and enjoy a warm, comfortable home all year round.

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