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April 15, 2023 | News

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Comprehensive Boiler Services in Hammersmith W6

At Hammersmith Boiler Services, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality boiler repair, installation, and maintenance services to our valued clients in Hammersmith W6 and Greater London. With our team of Gas Safe certified engineers, you can rely on us to deliver professional and efficient solutions for all your boiler needs.

Experienced and Gas Safe Certified Engineers

Our team of expert engineers are fully qualified and Gas Safe registered, ensuring the highest standards of safety and service for our customers. We have extensive experience working with all major boiler manufacturers, so you can have confidence in our ability to handle any boiler issue, regardless of the make or model.

New Boiler Installations in Hammersmith

When it’s time for a new boiler, our Hammersmith boiler experts are here to help. We’ll assess your current boiler and heating system, recommend the most suitable replacement, and carry out a professional installation to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency. With our expertise, you can trust that your new boiler will be installed to the highest standards.

Boiler Repairs in Hammersmith W6

Boiler issues can be frustrating and inconvenient. Our Hammersmith boiler repair specialists are on hand to quickly diagnose and resolve any problems, minimising disruption to your home and restoring your heating and hot water as soon as possible. Whether it’s a minor fault or a major repair, our engineers have the skills and expertise to get your boiler back up and running.

Regular Boiler Maintenance and Servicing

To keep your boiler running efficiently and safely, regular maintenance and servicing are essential. Our Hammersmith boiler servicing team will conduct thorough inspections, identify any potential issues, and provide preventative maintenance to extend the life of your boiler and ensure it operates at peak performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use  you to service my boiler in Hammersmith?

At Rowlen Boiler Services, we are committed to providing professional, reliable, and efficient boiler repair, installation, and maintenance services. Our team of Gas Safe certified engineers are experienced with all major boiler manufacturers, ensuring we can handle any issue that arises. We offer competitive pricing, transparent quotes, and 24/7 emergency services for your peace of mind. Rowlen Boiler Services is a reputable, family-run business with over 50 years of experience in the industry. They are known for their high-quality workmanship, excellent customer service, and comprehensive boiler solutions. Choosing Rowlen Boiler Services guarantees you the expertise and reliability needed to keep your boiler running at peak performance.

How often should I have my boiler serviced?

It is recommended to have your boiler serviced annually to maintain its efficiency and ensure it operates safely. Regular servicing can also help identify potential issues early, preventing costly repairs and prolonging the life of your boiler.

What should I do if my boiler breaks down?

If your boiler breaks down, it’s essential to call a professional Gas Safe registered engineer, like us at Rowlen Boiler Services, to diagnose and repair the issue. Never attempt to fix a boiler yourself, as this could be dangerous and may void your warranty.

Do you offer a guarantee on your boiler services?

Yes, at Rowlen Boiler Services, we provide a guarantee on all our repair, installation, and maintenance work. Our Gas Safe certified engineers are committed to delivering high-quality services and ensuring your satisfaction.

Why Choose Rowlen Boiler Services?

  • Gas Safe certified engineers
  • Experience with all major boiler manufacturers
  • Professional and efficient service
  • Competitive pricing and transparent quotes
  • 24/7 emergency boiler repair services

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