Hamworthy Commercial Boilers

June 14, 2022 | Commercial Boilers, Hamworthy Boilers

Hamworthy Commercial Boilers

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About Hamworthy Commercial Boilers

Hamworthy are one of the top names in the world of heating providing everything from commercial boilers to hot waters heaters and solar thermal heating systems. Whatever you need a boiler for, you can be sure that Hamworthy has one to suit your needs, bringing high levels of efficiency with every one of their appliances.

Hamworthy make boilers to last, and one of their commercial boilers was recently discovered still working from when it was installed in the 1960s. They stay true to their heritage of being a British based manufacturer, and even give their boilers names of the places near to their base in Poole, such as the Purewell, Upton and Dorchester.

All Hamworthy commercial boilers are made in Hull, and it employs a large workforce, from manufacturing and sales to research and development, so you can be sure the best of British engineers have had a hand in creating your new commercial boiler.

If you’re looking for a boiler for commercial purposes, whether it’s for a restaurant, pub, hotel or educational establishment you won’t go wrong with a trusted name like Hamworthy Heating.

The Hamworthy Commercial Boiler Range

This company understands that a decent range of commercial boilers is needed to satisfy the variety of customers, from compact and efficient systems capable of heating a small retail unit, to larger sizes to cover areas with a huge footprint.

Whether you need a floor standing solution or something that can be hung from a wall, you can be sure Hamworthy has a commercial boiler to suit your needs. All boilers comply with the relevant legislation regarding energy efficiency and performance, and below we’ll take a look at the current range of commercial boilers from Hamworthy.

Upton – a popular floor standing model boasting a condensing modular design, this commercial boiler has an efficient and durable heat exchanger crafted from aluminium

Wessex ModuMax MK3 – ideal for heating larger spaces, this model is a popular modular condensing version. Floor standing and with a highly efficient heat exchanger of stainless-steel.

Varmax –if you’re looking for a unit that is capable of being placed on the ground, then this floor standing appliance boasts a great output with high-quality stainless-steel parts.

Purewell Variheat MK2 – created with a heat exchanger made with cast iron that will last decades of daily use, this commercial boiler works with pre-mixed gas and is one of the top condenser boilers

Stratton MK2 – for those commercial premises which don’t have the luxury of extra space for a floor standing boiler, this condenser boiler with high-quality heat exchanger is fitted directly to the wall.

Ensbury – an appliance that makes use of pressure jet technology to produce heat at low temperatures, this floor standing commercial boiler has a variety of uses in retail premises

Melbury C – a pressure jet appliance which is housed in a steel case, this commercial boiler has an output of three megawatts, and is a great choice of condenser boiler.

Melbury HE – when you need a huge output of up to ten megawatts, a pressure jet boiler like this one will prove highly efficient, thanks in part to the steel shell which encases this appliance.

Hamworthy Commercial Boiler Installation & Servicing

Hamworthy are a trusted name in the boiler industry, and even though installation may be a little trickier than many other brands, once it’s set up you will have very few issues with it in the future. This is thanks in part to the quality components inside these commercial boilers, such as the cast iron heat exchangers in some of their models past and present.

It is this dedication to creating high quality appliances which makes installing a Hamworthy commercial boiler a real asset to your premises. We have experience in boiler installations for a wide range of customers, so whether you are looking for a commercial boiler from this brand in a school, office block or hotel, it can be completed in less than a day.

The secret to the longevity of Hamworthy boilers is frequent maintenance of those well-designed internal components the brand is famed for. A regular service takes less than 90 minutes in most cases, but can significantly improve the performance of your commercial boiler, which in turn can lower your energy bills and prevent expensive callouts for boiler breakdown.

If you’re looking to have a Hamworthy commercial boiler installed, or would just like some more information on their range so you can make an informed decision, reach out to us here at Rowlen today by phone or online and we’ll be happy to help.

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