The Fulham Boiler Revival

August 28, 2023 | News

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The Client’s Suffering: A Decade-Long Battle in Fulham
Rowlen Boiler Services was approached by a private householder in Fulham who had been grappling with intermittent heating issues for an agonizing 10 years. Despite enlisting the help of numerous companies, no one had been able to resolve the problems plaguing their 12-year-old heating system.

Our Diagnosis: A Thorough, Uncompromising Investigation
Our surveyor and heating specialist were resolute about unraveling this complex issue. After a comprehensive review of the boiler and piping system, we discovered that the boiler had never actually been running at full efficiency due to improperly fitted concealed piping from the initial installation.

Our Solution: A Complete Overhaul for Ultimate Efficiency

  • Installed a new high-efficiency Vaillant Ecofit condensing boiler system.
  • Upgraded the system controls for better management and efficiency.
  • Installed a new hot water cylinder to complement the new boiler.
  • Rectified all piping issues to eliminate leaks and inefficiencies.

The Result: Client’s Testimonial The client couldn’t be happier, stating, “Having had several different companies through the door all without success, it was refreshing to experience Rowlen Boiler Services’ approach. Their surveyor did not beat about the bush and confidently predicted they would fix the problem. And they certainly have!”

Bonus: 10-Year Warranty In addition to restoring efficient and reliable heating, we also provided the client with a 10-year warranty on their new Vaillant boiler for extra peace of mind.

Call to Action: End Your Heating Nightmares Today!
Tired of inconsistent heating and lukewarm solutions? Rowlen Boiler Services can help you finally solve your heating issues for good. Contact us now for a comprehensive solution that stands the test of time!

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