High Temperature Heat Pumps: A Comprehensive Guide to Decarbonising Your Home

May 10, 2023 | News

High temp heat pump

High temperature heat pumps (HTHPs) offer a viable solution for many households looking to reduce their carbon footprint and switch to renewable heating options. In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of high temperature heat pumps, examine suitable use cases, and provide a detailed comparison of available models.

High Temperature Heat Pumps vs. Low Temperature Heat Pumps

While low temperature heat pumps (LTHPs) are efficient and environmentally friendly, they require larger radiators and significant insulation upgrades to effectively heat a home. High temperature heat pumps, on the other hand, are capable of running with existing radiators and minimal adjustments. However, HTHPs are generally less efficient and more expensive to install than LTHPs.

High Temperature Heat Pumps for Existing Housing Stock

The majority of UK homes currently use gas or oil boilers and high-temperature radiators. HTHPs are designed to operate at 80 degrees Celsius, making them compatible with standard radiators. This allows homeowners to transition to renewable heating options without the need for extensive adjustments to their existing systems.

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When to Choose a High Temperature Heat Pump

HTHPs are an excellent option for homes where significant insulation upgrades are not feasible or for those with older, listed properties. If your heating system is unlikely to run at 45 degrees Celsius or lower, an HTHP can help you partially decarbonize your home immediately.

Efficiency of High Temperature Heat Pumps

With proper setup, homeowners can expect a Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) of around 2 to 2.5, meaning that for every unit of electricity consumed, the heat pump generates 2 to 2.5 units of free energy from the air. It’s essential to note that the efficiency will be lower in winter and higher during spring and autumn months.

To maximize efficiency, heating systems should be designed to run at the lowest possible temperature and only rely on top temperatures when necessary.

High Temperature Heat Pump Options

Here is a comparison of popular high temperature heat pump models:

Model Operating Temp Size kW SCOP
Daikin Altherma 3 65°C 4-6kW 3.26 @ 55°C
Daikin Altherma HT split 80°C 11kW 2.65 @ 55°C
Daikin Altherma HT split 80°C 14kW 2.66 @ 55°C
Daikin Altherma HT split 80°C 16kW 2.61 @ 55°C
Hitachi Yutaki-S80 HT 80°C 11kW 3.63 @ 55°C
Hitachi Yutaki-S80 HT 80°C 14kW 3.31 @ 55°C
Hitachi Yutaki S80 HT 80°C 16kW 3.23 @ 55°C
LG Therma V New HT split 80°C 16kW 3.21 @ 50°C
Panasonic Aquarea HT Monobloc/split G Gen 65°C 9kW 2.27 @ 65°C
Panasonic Aquarea HT Monobloc/split G-Gen 65°C 12kW 2.22 @ 65°C

Finding a Qualified Installer

It’s crucial to work with a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) registered heat pump installer. As demand for heat pump installations increases, finding a knowledgeable and experienced professional is essential. Reach out to trusted networks, such as the Elite Installer network, for reliable recommendations.

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