How Can I Keep My Pool Warm At Night?

March 02, 2023 | Swimming Pool, Swimming Pool Heating, Swimming Pools

How Can I Keep My Pool Warm At Night?

Keeping your swimming pool warm overnight can feel like an impossible task, especially if you want to reduce the cost of running your pool. We’ve got some great ideas that you can try, helping you to enjoy your pool for longer without having to compromise on temperature.

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Install a Solar Blanket

One of the simplest ways to keep the heat in your pool at night is to install a liquid solar blanket. To do this, you will need to purchase a solar blanket chemical kit that comes in liquid form and gets poured into your pool. The great thing about it is that it is safe for swimmers to swim in but works hard to reduce the level of heat evaporation by a staggering 50%.

The chemicals that are used float on the top of the pool to create a heat loss prevention layer. When you jump in to swim, this layer is disturbed but when you get out for the night, the chemicals come back to the top and reform the heat loss prevention layer that you need.

Use a Quality Solar Cover

Another great way to keep your pool warm is to use a solar cover over the top of the water. Solar blankets not only cover the water when it is not in use, but they absorb energy from the sun and convert it into heat to keep your water temperature topped up overnight.

If you invest in a quality cover then you can look forward to an increase in up to 10 degrees as the blanket works hard to store heat and then disperse it as the night gets cold. It does require you to cover your pool every night but if you have a cover reel installed to your poolside then it will only take a few minutes to cover and uncover each day.

Use an Air Source Heat Pump

Heating your pool is often an expensive task, especially if you use an oil or electric heater for the job. Rather than having to spend above the odds to heat your pool overnight, why not consider installing an air source heat pump instead?

An air source heat pump converts the heat in the air into usable energy for your pool and can be set to work day or night to give you water at the temperature you need. There are many different models to choose from, allowing you to get the best results and the best value for money.

Think About Wind Blocks

The wind is the biggest issue when it comes to pool heat loss as it can rapidly cool your water, leaving you with a chilly and uninviting pool. One of the best ways to protect your warm pool water from the wind is to install wind blocks.

The great thing about window blocks is that they can take many forms – fences, hedges and even tall plants can all offer great protection from the wind without making your pool look unsightly. Don’t forget that you will need to keep some of the area free in order to have a good line of sight of the pool for safety reasons.

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