How Much Is A Commercial Boiler Service?

October 29, 2020 | Boilers, Commercial Boilers

How Much Is A Commercial Boiler Service

If you need to arrange a commercial boiler service, then you may be worried about how much you will need to pay to get the service completed. To help, we have provided a comprehensive overview of the service process, so that you can get a clear idea of cost and understand precisely what you are spending your money on.

What Is a Commercial Boiler?

A commercial boiler is a boiler that is used to heat large commercial spaces, and while it works in the same way as a domestic boiler, it offers a much greater output. Because commercial boilers work to heat large, open, spaces, the pipework is generally larger than 35mm in diameter, allowing as much heat to travel through the premises as possible. The other similarity with domestic boilers is that commercial units must be serviced to keep them in the best working condition.

Commercial boilers are not just for shops; you will find them in hotels, schools, churches, and many other large spaces. For many companies, a commercial boiler is in constant use, so it is vital to keep everything in good working order to avoid any issues cropping up when you least expect them.

When you consider that a well-maintained boiler can last between 15 – 20 years, you will be able to see the significance of keeping everything up to date. However, when the time comes for a service, you must appoint a Gas Safe registered engineer to complete the work so that you can be confident that everything is safe and to an excellent standard.

How Regularly Does a Commercial Boiler Need To Be Serviced?

To keep your boiler in good working order, it is essential to organise an annual service. Annual services are a pre-requisite for warranties to be kept valid, and give you the chance to find out if there are any warning signs that you need to be aware of.

However, here at Rowlen, we advise that you arrange a service once every six months if you are a commercial boiler owner. The reason for this is because most commercial boilers undergo heavy-duty usage and are at risk of breaking down if they are not well maintained.

As a business owner, you are responsible for keeping your premises safe, and having a safe boiler is one aspect you must take seriously. Remember that any work or servicing that is done on your commercial boiler must be undertaken by a Gas Safe registered engineer for it to be deemed safe for customers.

Safety is not the only consideration for business owners; avoiding closure due to a broken-down boiler is essential. By having regular services, you can be sure that your boiler will have the best chance of working faultlessly.

What Happens During a Commercial Boiler Service?

A commercial boiler service is designed to check all the internal and external parts of your system so that you can be sure that everything is working well, and be advised when something needs to be replaced or repaired.

When our engineers come out to complete the service, they will check that your commercial boiler is installed correctly and that there is adequate ventilation. Next, they will ensure that there is no corrosion present before checking out each internal part, ensuring that everything is in good working order. The parts they will check include:

  • The burner
  • The main injector
  • The heat exchange
  • All electric connections
  • The spark probe
  • All seals and fans
  • The gas pressure
  • The flue
  • All safety devices
  • And other components that are on the servicing schedule

The engineer will also clean the entire boiler system and remove any debris, blockages, or build-up so that you can be sure they will not affect the good running of your device. Our engineers will work within all the current legal regulations and complete the required performance test so that it adheres to the Gas Safety Regulations ’98.

Once the service is complete, our engineer will discuss their findings with you verbally as well as providing you with a report to show what has been done. The report will list any recommendations that you need to address. You will be required to sign the report that is supplied, and the engineer will give you a copy for your records as well as retaining one for our records.

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