How Much Is A New Swimming Pool Boiler?

April 03, 2022 | New Boiler, Swimming Pool, Swimming Pool Boilers

How Much Is A New Swimming Pool Boiler?

Perhaps you’ve just installed a new swimming pool and now need to find the best way to heat it? Or maybe you’ve already got a pool with an existing boiler, but it has broken down or has seen better days so you’re looking for a replacement? Either way, you’re going to need to know how much you’re likely to have to pay for a new swimming pool boiler.

So, with that in mind, here, we take a closer look at your options when it comes to heating your pool water, and we also look at some of the costs you need to take into consideration when working out the total price of your new pool heating solution. You’ll then be able to make a well-informed decision when it comes to choosing your new swimming pool boiler.

How Can I Heat My Pool?

There’s absolutely nothing that can beat a refreshing dip in a pool that’s all your own, but you’re going to need to invest in a pool heating solution if you want to make use of your facility all year round – after all, nobody wants to take a swim in cold water! Since there are many different heating solutions, it can be tricky to determine which option to go for.

Solar heating is one option, but it isn’t really suitable for use for pools in the UK. Solar heating requires a hot climate, and unfortunately, in the UK the temperatures are typically too cool to ensure an adequate water temperature.

Another option is to choose a heat pump. These are costly to purchase but their running costs are relatively low. Unfortunately, though, they take a very long time to warm the water of an entire pool and can really only be used during the summer months since they require a higher air temperature.

For this reason, the most common heating option for pools in the UK is a dedicated gas pool boiler or a domestic boiler with a heat exchanger installed.  Boiler systems warm the pool water far more quickly than a heat pump, and they’re also suitable for use all through the year, making them a versatile choice. Furthermore, they’re more affordable to purchase than a heat pump.

A boiler burns oil or gas in a combustion chamber to create heat. The heat is transferred into water that is taken from the pool and then the water, which is now warm, is pumped back to the pool. This process is an ongoing one so the warm water flow can be continuously maintained.

A gas boiler takes a different length of time to heat an entire pool depending on the pool’s size and how much water is being heated, but it typically takes 1 – 2 days to achieve a comfortable swimming temperature by using this method.

Rather than using a dedicated pool boiler, you can opt for a regular domestic boiler alongside a heat exchanger to warm your pool water. The boiler works by transferring heat to the water in the pool through a special heat exchanger unit.

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Replacing Your Pool Boiler

There is no single price for replacing a swimming pool gas boiler. The cost will depend on a range of factors including the brand of boiler you select, the size of your pool and the volume of water you need to heat, and factors such as pool location. The best way to determine how much it will cost to replace your pool boiler is to ask a professional team of experts who can give you a quote based on your individual requirements.

Ongoing Costs

Not only do you need to figure in the cost of purchasing your new pool boiler, but you also need to bear in mind the ongoing costs. As well as the cost of the energy to run the boiler, you’ll also need to remember that the boiler will require regular servicing to ensure its longevity, efficiency and safety.

It’s highly recommended that you arrange for a full pool boiler service at least once per year to keep it running at its optimal level. Of course, it goes without saying that this should only be done by a fully trained and qualified pool boiler engineer who is experienced in the field and understands pool heating systems in-depth.

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