How Often Does A Commercial Boiler Really Need To Be Serviced?

August 07, 2022 | Boiler Service, Commercial Boilers

How Often Does A Commercial Boiler Really Need To Be Serviced?

If you have a commercial boiler installed on your premises, then it’s essential frequent servicing is undertaken to keep it in the best shape possible. Like all appliances that aren’t cared for properly, a commercial boiler under heavy use – in both summer months for hot water and showers, as well as the colder winter seasons when you need reliable central heating too – will be prone to breaking down, often when you don’t expect it.

Nobody really likes going to the dentist for a check-up every six months, but we know it’s for our own good to prevent more expensive treatment down the line, and the same is true when it comes to commercial boiler servicing.

A regular boiler servicing check-up will allow your boiler to operate properly for the rest of the year, without having to worry if a part needs replacing, if carbon monoxide is seeping out, or if the pipes are blocked – all of which can give us the annoying array of boiler error codes.

Commercial boilers differ from regular boilers in that they are put under a great deal more pressure, having to heat thousands of square feet of often uninsulated workspace as opposed to a small two or three bedroom home with spray foam between the walls and double glazing.

This means that they are more susceptible to problems, everything from sensors malfunctioning to corroding pipework. All of that and more can be taken care of with a quick check-up for your commercial boiler, which takes under 90 minutes in most cases.

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How Often Should A Commercial Boiler Be Serviced?

Thankfully, boilers these days are well-made and benefit from a host of new technologies and materials to enhance their longevity. Due to this high level of manufacturing, most domestic boilers will only need to be serviced once per year to maintain proper functioning. Commercial boilers on the other hand should receive a proper servicing around every six months to keep them in good working order.

If you are a commercial landlord with a premises using a boiler, then you have to have it serviced annually by law, but if you are the property owner then it’s advisable not to leave it longer than 12 months.

But why does a commercial boiler need to be serviced every six months, and not just every few years? The main reason is that around the 5-7 month mark deposits of grime within the system will have slowly started to build up and it’s an ideal time to get all of that cleaned out ready for the rest of the year.

Whilst most components last years within a modern boiler system, there is always the possibility that parts can wear out quicker than expected. Seals can give way and cause leakages leading to corrosion, and sensors may be blocked which cause error codes and frustrating boiler lockouts to occur.

Many warranties of commercial boilers too which can last 5 or more years also can be nullified if you don’t ensure that your boiler has been well looked after. If you have building insurance, this may be a small print condition of claims too should your property suffer from a gas explosion or a water leakage causing damage.

What Is Actually Checked During A Commercial Boiler Service?

During your commercial boiler service, your Gas Safe engineer will check every aspect of your boiler visually from the outside, then take off the panel and check the internal workings. Just a few of the things that will be checked include:

  • The exterior and interior pipework
  • The flue to ensure good ventilation
  • The spark, burner and the boiler flame
  • Rubber seals and valves
  • Electric connections, sensors and electrodes
  • Gas pressure and flow
  • The condensate trap
  • An emissions check

Why Choose Rowlen For Your Commercial Boiler Servicing?

We have years of experience in servicing commercial boilers in schools, colleges, hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, factories, hotels, restaurants and retail shops of all kinds. We respect the fact that the place of work may be occupied at the time of the service, and we always provide a professional and courteous service with minimal disruption to the business operation.

When we’ve serviced your boiler we can issue a legal Gas Safe certificate for it covers you until the same time next year, giving you a full 12-month peace of mind that your boiler is performing to the best of its ability.

If any parts require a replacement or you need an additional service such as power flushing, then one of our engineers will always go over the pricing and timescales with you in advance before any work is carried out.

If you think your commercial boiler is overdue a service and would benefit from one, give us a call today and we can attend the premises at a time that is good for you or your tenant. We cover all kinds of commercial boiler, from gas and electric to oil, LPG and biomass.

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