How Often Should You Service Your Boiler?

May 02, 2023 | News

How Often Should You Service Your Boiler?

How Often Should You Service Your Boiler?

A well-maintained boiler is essential for your home’s safety and efficiency. This comprehensive guide will answer all your questions about boiler servicing, including how often it should be done, who should do it, and why it’s necessary. Plus, we’ll provide an overview of boiler service costs and what to expect during the process.

Annual Boiler Servicing: The Optimal Frequency

For optimal safety and efficiency, you should service your boiler at least once a year. Annual servicing ensures that your boiler is running at peak performance and helps you avoid potential problems that could lead to higher energy bills or even boiler breakdowns.

Choosing the Right Engineer for Your Boiler Service

It’s crucial to select a qualified heating engineer for your boiler service. The type of engineer you need depends on your boiler:

  • Gas boilers: A Gas Safe Registered engineer is the only person qualified to service gas boilers. Make sure to verify their registration before allowing them to work on your boiler.
  • Oil boilers: Oil boilers should be serviced by an OFTEC-registered engineer. Always check their credentials before hiring.
  • Electric boilers: Although they require less maintenance than gas and oil boilers, it’s still a good idea to have a qualified heating engineer inspect your electric boiler.

The Importance of Regular Boiler Servicing

There are several reasons why regular boiler servicing is essential:

  • Safety: A properly serviced boiler ensures that your heating system is running safely, reducing the risk of carbon monoxide leaks or other hazards.
  • Efficiency: Regular servicing helps your boiler operate at maximum efficiency, which can save you money on your energy bills.
  • Warranty: Keeping your boiler serviced is often a requirement to maintain its warranty. Failure to service your boiler may void the warranty and leave you with costly repairs.

What to Expect During a Boiler Service

During a boiler service, a heating engineer will perform several tasks to ensure your boiler is functioning correctly:

  1. Inspect the boiler for signs of corrosion or leaks.
  2. Remove the boiler casing to examine and clean the components.
  3. Check the flue terminals for blockages.
  4. Verify that the gas pressure is correct.
  5. Test the boiler’s performance while in operation.

A thorough boiler service should take at least 30 minutes. However, if the engineer discovers a fault, the process may take longer.

Boiler Service Costs: What to Expect

Boiler service costs can vary depending on several factors, including the type of boiler, its manufacturer and model, installation location, and regional pricing differences. On average, you can expect to pay between £90 and £150 for a boiler service. However, prices can be higher in London, sometimes reaching up to £180.

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Booking Your Annual Boiler Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I service my own boiler? A: No. Only registered professionals can service your boiler. For gas boilers, a Gas Safe Registered engineer is required, while oil boilers need an OFTEC Registered engineer. Q: What happens if I don’t service my boiler? A: Neglecting to service your boiler can lead to increased energy bills, a higher risk of carbon monoxide leaks, potential boiler breakdowns, and voiding your warranty. Regular servicing helps prevent these issues and ensures your boiler remains in optimal condition. Q: When is the best time to have my boiler serviced? A: Although you can schedule a boiler service at any time of the year, it’s advisable to have it done during the summer months. This is because heating engineers often have more availability and may offer lower rates during this period. Plus, servicing your boiler in the summer ensures it’s in top condition for the colder winter months. Q: What if my boiler is still under warranty? A: If your boiler is under warranty, it’s essential to maintain annual servicing as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Failure to do so may result in your warranty becoming void, leaving you responsible for any repair costs.

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