How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Boiler

May 02, 2023 | News

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Boiler

Discover ways to maximize the life of your boiler and enhance its performance, while learning the signs that indicate it might be time for a replacement.

Annual Boiler Service: The Key to Longevity

An essential step in extending the life of your boiler is scheduling an annual service with a Gas Safe-registered engineer. This service includes vital checks to ensure your boiler operates safely and efficiently, while also maintaining your warranty. Remember, some boilers, such as the Ideal Heating Vogue Max Combi, come with warranties of up to 12 years, so protecting your investment is crucial.

Boiler Maintenance: A Year-Round Responsibility

Your boiler requires attention throughout the year, regardless of the season. During the summer, focus on maintenance tasks like running your boiler periodically and scheduling services. As winter approaches, consider insulating your loft space, bleeding radiators, and draught-proofing your home.

Magnetic System Filters: Enhancing Boiler Performance

A magnetic system filter can help your boiler operate more efficiently by removing debris and impurities from the water circulating in your central heating system. This filter not only prolongs your boiler’s life but also reduces energy consumption, leading to lower utility bills.

Central Heating System Flush: Restoring Efficiency

Clearing debris from your central heating system can be achieved using a chemical cleaner or by performing a power flush. Both methods are best left to professional engineers, but they can help improve boiler efficiency and maintain its longevity.

Signs It’s Time for a New Boiler

A boiler engineer can assist in determining if it’s time for a new boiler. Warning signs include unusual noises, frequent loss of pressure, or hot water taps running slowly or not heating up. Although these issues can often be repaired, there comes a point when replacing the boiler becomes more cost-effective.

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Making the Switch: Upgrading to a New Boiler

Boilers nearing the average lifespan of 15 years are unlikely to run as efficiently as newer models. With advancements in technology, modern boilers are not only more energy-efficient but also environmentally friendly. For further advice on central heating, servicing, and boiler care, consult our expert guides and FAQ section.

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