How To Reset A Worcester Boiler

April 23, 2021 | Boiler Service, Boilers, Worcester Boilers

How To Reset A Worcester Boiler

When you own a property, it is important that you understand how to look after it and learning how to reset a Worcester boiler is something we can help you with. Owning a property comes with many expenses – mortgages, bills, and maintenance costs. One of the most important things to look after is your boiler, and to do that, it makes sense to know how to reset it in case it ever stops working

Why Do I Need to Know How to Reset a Worcester Boiler?

Understanding how your boiler works and being able to reset it may be the difference between getting your heating working on a cold winter’s night and not. Many boilers lose power without there being any other faults, and so resetting the system will get you back online again.

However, if you see any error code, then you will need to consult your user manual to see what the problem is and then contact an experienced boiler repairs engineer who will be able to fix the system and getting it running properly for you.

Tell Me How to Reset a Worcester Boiler

When you need to reset your boiler, simply press and hold the reset button that can be found on the front of your boiler control panel. You need to hold the button down for 3-5 seconds to ensure that it is reset before re-checking the system to make sure it is working.

If your boiler does not have a reset button, then it may have a reset light instead. This can be found on the temperature dial and requires you to turn the dial all the way down until it gets to the reset light. Once in position, hold it there for 3-5 seconds before turning it back to its normal position and checking everything now works. If you know how to reset Worcester boiler machines when your boiler stops working, then you will be able to avoid long periods of cold until an engineer can come to help.

Common Fault Codes On Worcester Boilers

Worcester boilers are well made and long-lasting, but, like all boilers, they do have some common faults that you can expect to see during the life of the machine. The most common fault codes include:

  • EA – to tell you that your boiler has not ignited – try to reset before seeking support
  • D1 – alerts you to overheating or a damaged sensor – seek professional support immediately
  • E9 – potential damage to the main heat exchanger – seek professional support immediately
  • C1 – damaged fan – seek professional support immediately
  • A1 – lack of water in the boiler system – check the pressure gauge and re-pressurise the system if it is cold. If this fails, then call out an engineer.

Lots of property owners are tempted to avoid seeking help when their boiler fails to work properly, but this is a bad economical and safety decision to make. Boiler engineers will have a greater chance of solving the issue if you call them out immediately, as any damage will be minimal. This means that you will pay less for repair and can feel safe and secure at home. 

Keeping Your Boiler In Great Shape

One thing that many consumers want to know is how to keep your boiler in great shape so that it lasts for a long time and does not end up costing you more than you can afford. The best way to do this is by getting your boiler serviced annually.

An annual service will check that everything is working properly and diagnose any issues that may present to the engineer as they inspect the system. The majority of issues that do come up are easily solved, with many engineers being able to complete the work on the day. 

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