Ideal Vs Worcester: Which Is The Best Choice Of Boiler?

July 13, 2021 | Boilers, Ideal Boilers, Worcester Boilers

Ideal Vs Worcester: Which Is The Best Choice Of Boiler?

If you’re seeking to install a new boiler, you have probably already done some research and identified some of the major companies that produce boilers in the UK, and two names you have probably seen come up often are Worcester and Ideal. Of these two brands, each one has pros and cons, and in this article we will explore some of these to help you decide on the best boiler that is right for you.

Worcester Boilers

Worcester boilers are known for their reliability that has given them an excellent reputation, and this is why it’s a brand name that is so well-known across the UK. Worcester have won the Which? Best Buy award for gas boilers for ten years in a row – a remarkable achievement! The results of this award are based upon reviews from real-life customers, and so this should tell you how well received Worcester boilers are by their customers, and equally recommended by boiler installation companies. 

Depending on the type of boiler you purchase from Worcester, you can get a guarantee of between eight and twelve years, which should give you peace of mind when choosing your new boiler. To activate this warranty, you will need to have the boiler installed by an approved Worcester installer, rather than an independent contractor. You will also need to install a Worcester own-brand filter and relevant controls. 

The water flow rate on Worcester boilers is another highly rated feature, with all of their boiler models offering a minimum flow rate of 10.2 litres per minute. This is more impressive than the Ideal boiler models, which function at 9.8 litres per minute.

Worcester offers storage combi boilers that are much better suited to larger homes, and at present Ideal do not offer this type of product. Therefore, if you have a much larger home with a higher demand for water supply, then Worcester may be the better brand choice for you. 

Ideal Boilers

Similar to Worcester, Ideal also offer guarantees of up to twelve years on their boilers. However, the boilers on offer from Ideal are on average a few hundred pounds cheaper than Worcester boilers, which is great if you have been caught off guard by your boiler breaking down and can’t afford to spend too much on a boiler replacement, but still want to enjoy the security of a long-term guarantee. 

Ideal have a wide range of boilers on offer in varying prices from cheap yet effective to slightly more expensive and dependable in the long-term, so you will have a great choice depending on your budget and the features that you want in your new boiler.

Ideal are a UK based company and all of their boilers and produced in the UK. Some of the Ideal models are very compact and would be well suited to small homes where you may not have much space for a large boiler. 


There are several factors for you to consider when determining which is the best-suited brand for you out of Ideal vs Worchester. Comparing Ideal vs Worchester boilers for noise levels, both brands are known for producing very quiet boilers, and there is no clear winner based on noise levels. 

Based on the points raised in this article, an Ideal boiler may be better suited to you if you have a smaller home and a smaller budget. Worcester may be better suited to you if you have a larger home, a higher demand for water supply, or if you simply want the comfort of knowing you chose a boiler with a very solid reputation that has remained steady for decades. 

Whichever you choose, they are both highly regarded brands and here at Rowlen we’re able to provide the expert boiler installation you need. We pride ourselves on our speedy and efficient service, fitting boilers in a safe way that will last you for years to come at affordable rates. 

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