Joule Unvented Cylinder Review

October 29, 2020 | Unvented Cylinder

Joule Unvented Cylinder Review Rowlen

Finding an unvented cylinder service can be difficult when you need a reliable and efficient system. If you are in the market for an unvented cylinder, read on to find out what you should be looking out for and why we believed the Joule Unvented Cylinder could be the perfect product for you!

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Vented Vs. Unvented Cylinders

If you are looking at hot water storage and supply options, then you will find there are many to choose from. Having narrowed your possibilities to a cylinder, you may be wondering what the difference is between a vented cylinder and an unvented cylinder, and whether the difference really matters to you.

The vented cylinder is a more traditional type of model. This requires you to have a water tank which would ideally be located in the attic, or somewhere high up. This is because gravity is used in this type of system to distribute the hot water throughout the home. This system requires an immersion heater or external source such as a central heating boiler to heat up the water.

The unvented cylinder utilises a pressurised system that can provide mains pressure hot water directly from the cold-water mains, instead of a cold-water tank. The cold water is pulled from the main water supply and heated either via electricity or gas, depending on the type of system.

What To Consider When Choosing An Unvented Cylinder

An unvented cylinder is the preferred option for many people because it requires less space to install, there is no need for a water tank, and because the water is coming directly from the main water supply. It is generally found that the water flow rates are better.

However, even if you have decided an unvented cylinder service is right for your home, there are a couple of considerations you must not forget about.

Cost will be a major consideration, because the price of an unvented cylinder is more than the traditional vented system. Not only that, but the unvented cylinder will require an annual unvented cylinder service, which means the maintenance costs of this type of system could be higher. However, it should also be noted that the running costs of an unvented cylinder are lower, and the system is more energy efficient.

Joule Unvented Cylinder

The Joule Unvented Cylinder is a great option for anyone who has decided to go for an unvented cylinder system. Joule are a company that is known for using high quality materials in their products, whilst also maintaining competitive prices.

The range of Joule Unvented Cylinders includes direct and indirect options. All options come in a stylish metallic grey case that is wipe clean and gives a professional look. The outer casings are not made from cheap plastic materials, which is better for the environment, and much more attractive to look at, whilst inside the cylinder high-quality duplex stainless steel is used.

Inside an indirect unvented cylinder using a gas or oil fuelled boiler, the water is not heated directly. These versatile cylinders are available in a large range of sizes to suit most building requirements, from 125-litre volume to a massive 500-litre volume. Simply choose the size that suits your home or building or get in touch with our hot water cylinder installers to discuss which size you require.

Joule also offer a range of direct unvented cylinders. Within these systems, the water is heated directly from the actual water heater itself. As with the indirect models, the direct cylinders come in various sizes to suit your needs. Choose anything from 90-litre volume to 300-litre volume.

Joule clearly understand the need for flexibility in the home, as they offer slimline versions, short versions, and horizontal options. This means whatever space you have you are likely to be able to find a Joule Unvented Cylinder that will fit!

The high-quality, efficient products, combined with relatively low prices, is making Joule one of fastest growing brands in cylinder boilers. Their cylinders include such benefits as:

  • 25-year guarantee on the cylinder
  • 2-year guarantee on all other components
  • Only use branded components
  • Parts are robotically welded and the Butt-Welded process is used throughout
  • Cylinders have pre-plugged secondary tapping for easy installation
  • All connections are clearly labelled
  • Bevelled stat pocket to allow for better fitting

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