My Vaillant Boiler Is Not Working: No Error Code Showing

April 25, 2021 | Boiler Codes, Boiler Repair, Vaillant

My Vaillant Boiler Is Not Working: No Error Code Showing

We rely so heavily on our boiler heating systems that it is imperative we get them back up and running promptly if something goes wrong. Being without heating or hot water has a considerable impact on our daily life, so it helps identify quick fix issues and know how to solve them without the need for a visit from an engineer.

If your boiler fails to work but there is no error code present it can be a real guessing game. Still, it is essential not to take any action or adjust any settings without guidance as this can lead to a worsening problem and a more costly solution.

Here are some basic checks you can carry out yourself:

Check The Energy Supply

Whether your boiler is fuelled by gas or electricity, you should first ensure that the energy supply is functional with full connection. If your hot water is affected, you should initially confirm that you have usual access to the water supply in case of a water mains problem. Simple checks like this can prevent an unnecessary engineer call out, especially as it is easy to turn off the above

supply unintentionally. You may have even turned the plug off by accident. 

Perform A Boiler Reset

If the reset button on your boiler is easily accessible, rather than concealed behind the boiler casing, press this button to perform a reset. You can also power off the boiler and restart, which in some cases can resolve the issue. It is vital to consult the instruction manual for your device before resetting your boiler to ensure all appropriate steps have been followed. Do not reset your boiler if an error code is displayed, instead consult a reliable Gas Safe engineer

Check The Thermostat

A thermostat allows you to control your heating and hot water temperature using a dial or digital display. Examine your thermostat to confirm that it has not been accidentally knocked or wrongly set, which may prevent it from igniting if the room temperature is higher than that set on the temperature control.

Timer And Clock

If you operate your boiler using a timer to set it to provide heating and hot water at a particular time, double-check that you have set the clock for the correct time. The boiler’s timer can commonly be overlooked when then clocks change seasonally. If you notice it has been incorrectly set, alter this or switch off the timer to override the settings and resume the use of your heating and hot water right away.

Recent Power Failure

If you have recently experienced a power cut within your property, at the restoration of power your boiler may have switched back to factory settings, which may affect its functionality. Refer to the instruction manual for your boiler to amend the settings back to your preference.

Valve Fault

If there is no hot water supply from your taps or shower, but your heating is working as expected, this would suggest an issue with the diverter valve. This component of a combi boiler is responsible for switching between heating the property’s radiators and providing hot water. If you cannot get hot water, this suggests that the valve is not opening to allow hot water supply, as it is stuck in the central heating position, damaged or faulty. Consult an engineer for further investigation and repair. 

Frozen Pipes

A common cause of hot water failure in the winter months is frozen pipes. The condensate pipe is typically affected by significantly cold weather, this is the waste pipe responsible for transferring condensation from the boiler to the outside drain. Once you have identified a frozen pipe, try pouring warm water over the pipe to resolve this issue, refrain from the use of boiling water as this can cause further damage. If the problem is not resolved, seek professional assistance. 

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Pilot Light

In gas boilers, the most common cause of loss of heating or hot water supply is the pilot light going out. The pilot light ignites the gas, which heats the water in the boiler. If this issue is identified, you must follow your boiler’s instruction manual to reignite it safely as the method varies based on the boiler make and model.

If you have completed all of the above checks and follow instructions to resolve them to no avail, or you are concerned about the safety of your boiler heating system, consult a registered Gas Safe engineer for assistance. Here at Rowlen, we understand that it might not be a simple issue and can provide the expert boiler advice for any situation to get you up and running again. 

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