Potterton Commercial Boilers

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Potterton Commercial Boilers

About Potterton Commercial Boilers

Potterton Commercial is, without doubt, one of the most prestigious names within the boiler industry. Having been established for more than a century, the Potterton name remains at the fore of commercial boiler development and production today, priding itself on the dependability and quality of its products and its trustworthy customer service.

All of Potterton Commercial’s boilers are made in line with the most up-to-date ISO standards, having been based on cutting-edge, tried and tested technology. Every boiler is factory tested rigorously before being sold and is commissioned for each customer to ensure efficient and reliable functioning.

Potterton Commercial offers free-standing, wall-hung, and pressure jet boilers that are designed to meet the needs of all large-scale commercial applications. 

The Potterton Commercial Boiler Range

Potterton Commercial offers a range of tried and tested floor standing boilers that combine impressive energy efficiency with especially low NOx performance. With outputs available from 50kW right up to 525kW, and with as much as 1MW in cascade, they’re ideal for all sizes and types of commercial applications. 

The brand also offers a dependable and solid wall-hung range which is designed for maximum energy efficiency and combustion performance. The wall-hung range is available in varying outputs between 30kW and 150kW and offers as much as 700kW in cascade. This makes them ideal for all sizes and types of commercial premises as well as residential buildings. 

Furthermore, Potterton Commercial also has a range of LTHW (Low Temperature Hot Water) commercial pressure jet boilers. These simple-to-install boilers have a compact design but don’t compromise on efficiency or power. They meet every requirement for high operational efficiency and low emissions. 

The products within the Potterton Commercial boiler range include:

The Sirius three Range 

This range encompasses 15 floor-standing and wall-hung boilers that are suitable for use in everything from high-end developments to major public sector projects. Thanks to having one of the market’s lowest NOx ratings, the Sirius Three range is highly efficient, ErP compliant, and performs to the very highest standards. Boasting modulations ratios to 9:1, each boiler can deliver controllable and flexible power. 

Within the range, the products include: 

The Sirius Three wall-hung boiler in 60, 60, 70, 90, 100, 130, or 150kW models

The Sirius Three floor-standing boiler in 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150, 200, or 250kW models. 

Thanks to the broad spectrum of power options between 50 and 250kW, purchasers are certain to find the right boiler regardless of their installation type, and all are covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

The Sirius Three WH

This is a light stainless steel, wall-hung condensing boiler with an output of between 50kW and 150kW and a dry weight of between 40kg and 96kg. Suitable for use with flue connection sizes of 80/125 to 110/160, it can be used in cascade to generate up to 700kW of power.

The Sirius Three FS

This is a compact stainless-steel floor-standing condensing boiler. Offering outputs of between 50kW and 250kW and a dry weight of between 60kg and 232kg depending on the model selected, it is suitable for flue connection sizes of between 80/125 – 150 and can produce up to 1MW in cascade.

The Sirius FS 400kW and 525kW 

These stainless steel, floor-standing condensing boilers are perfect for the most powerful and demanding large scale commercial applications, producing an output of 440kW or 525kW and with a dry weight of 359kg or 424kg. 

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Potterton Commercial Boiler Installation & Servicing

The Potterton Commercial range of high-quality boilers are easy to install, service, and maintain, and this makes them an ideal choice for all sizes and types of commercial application, right up to the most demanding.

We always recommend that Potterton Commercial boilers are regularly serviced, preferably once every six-month period, to keep them running with optimal efficiency at all times. Servicing is an essential element of maintaining your commercial boiler in the long term since it can give an advanced warning about any possible issues that could be occurring with the components of the boiler. 

It also allows the engineers an opportunity to remove the accumulated residue, dust and dirt that builds up inside the internal parts of the boiler.

Here at Rowlen, we are proud to be experts in commercial boiler installation, maintenance and servicing, so you can rely on us for all your Potterton Commercial boiler needs. No matter whether you’re looking for a brand-new boiler to install in a commercial facility, whether you’re seeking expert advice about which is the best product for your requirements, or whether you need qualified engineers to repair or service your existing model, the professional team here at Rowlen are on hand to help. 

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