Selling Your House without a Boiler Certificate

April 20, 2023 | News

Selling house with out gas certificate

Selling your home can be a daunting process, and one aspect that often causes confusion is the matter of boiler certificates. In this article, we will shed light on the various types of boiler certificates, their importance, and how they affect the sale of your property.

What is a Boiler Certificate?

A boiler certificate refers to several documents that certify the safety and compliance of your boiler. These may include:

  • Gas Safety Certificate
  • Boiler Installation Certificate
  • Gas Safety Record
  • CP12 Certificate
  • Building Regulations Compliance Certificate
  • Landlord’s Gas Safety Check

Though some of these terms might be used interchangeably, they all serve to ensure the safety and proper installation of your gas boiler.

Gas Safety Certificate and Gas Safety Record

A Gas Safety Certificate, now commonly known as a Gas Safety Record, is a document that confirms a registered gas safety engineer has inspected your boiler. This inspection checks for potential hazards such as gas leaks and carbon monoxide emissions.

While homeowners are not legally required to obtain an annual gas safety inspection, it is highly recommended for your own safety. Landlords, on the other hand, must adhere to this requirement by law.

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Building Regulations Compliance Certificate

A Building Regulations Compliance Certificate, also known as a Boiler Installation Certificate, is a crucial document that verifies your heating system’s installation in accordance with building regulations and property structural requirements.

This certificate serves as a testament to the safe installation of your boiler and is necessary when selling your property.

Do You Need a Boiler Certificate to Sell Your House?

While you can sell your property without a Gas Safety Certificate, it is strongly advised to have one, as potential buyers will likely be cautious without proof of your boiler’s safety status.

However, a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate is a different matter. This document is essential, and technically, you cannot sell your property without it.

Obtaining a Replacement Building Regulations Compliance Certificate

If you have misplaced your Building Regulations Compliance Certificate, you can order a duplicate from the Gas Safe Register for a £6 charge, provided your details are in their system.

For certificates issued before 1st April 2009, contact CORGI, as they were the gas safety registration body prior to the Gas Safe Register.

Selling without a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate

If you cannot obtain a replacement certificate, you may encounter difficulties when selling your property. One option is to offer building indemnity insurance and an up-to-date Gas Safety Record in place of the missing document. However, be prepared for a possible reduction in your asking price, and be aware that some buyers may be deterred altogether.

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