Swimming Pool Boiler Repair Ashstead: Keep Your Pool Warm All Year Round

May 10, 2023 | News

Swimming pool boiler repair ashstead

Are you a proud owner of a swimming pool but finding it difficult to maintain the temperature during the colder months? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Rowlen Boiler Services is here to provide you with the best swimming pool boiler repair services in Ashstead and surrounding areas.

What is a Swimming Pool Boiler?

A swimming pool boiler is a device that heats the water in your swimming pool to a comfortable temperature. It works by circulating the water through a heat exchanger that is connected to a gas or oil-fired boiler. The heated water is then returned to the pool, keeping it warm and comfortable to swim in.

Signs Your Swimming Pool Boiler Needs Repair

Like any other appliance, your swimming pool boiler can also malfunction. Here are a few signs that indicate your swimming pool boiler needs repair:

  • The water in your pool is not heating up or takes a long time to heat up
  • The boiler is making strange noises
  • The water pressure is low
  • The pilot light keeps going out
  • There is a smell of gas around the boiler
  • The water in the pool is cloudy or has a strange color

Why Choose Rowlen Boiler Services for Swimming Pool Boiler Repair?

At Rowlen Boiler Services, we understand the importance of a properly functioning swimming pool boiler. That’s why we offer prompt and reliable swimming pool boiler repair services to our clients in Ashstead and surrounding areas.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians has the expertise to diagnose and repair any type of swimming pool boiler. We use only high-quality parts and equipment to ensure that your swimming pool boiler is running efficiently and safely.

Our Swimming Pool Boiler Repair Process

When you choose Rowlen Boiler Services for swimming pool boiler repair, you can expect the following process:

  • Inspection: Our technician will inspect your swimming pool boiler and identify the cause of the problem.
  • Diagnosis: Once we have identified the problem, we will diagnose the issue and provide you with a detailed report.
  • Repair: We will repair your swimming pool boiler using high-quality parts and equipment.
  • Testing: We will test your swimming pool boiler to ensure that it is running efficiently and safely.

Tips to Maintain Your Swimming Pool Boiler

To ensure that your swimming pool boiler is running efficiently and safely, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Schedule regular maintenance: Regular maintenance can help prevent costly repairs and prolong the life of your swimming pool boiler.
  • Keep the area around the boiler clean: A clean area around the swimming pool boiler can help prevent debris from entering the system and causing damage.
  • Monitor the water level: Low water levels can cause the boiler to overheat, which can lead to costly repairs.
  • Keep the boiler free of debris: Debris can cause blockages and damage to the system.

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In conclusion, a swimming pool is a great addition to any home, but maintaining the temperature can be challenging. That’s where Rowlen Boiler Services comes in. We offer prompt and reliable swimming pool boiler repair services in Ashstead and surrounding areas. With our highly skilled and experienced technicians, you can rest assured that your swimming pool boiler is in good hands. So, contact us today to schedule your swimming pool boiler repair.

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