Swimming Pool Heat Pumps – An Insider’s Guide

March 19, 2023 | Heat Pumps, Pool Heating Cost, Swimming Pool Heating

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps – An Insider’s Guide

Most people would rather not swim in cold water, so heating your swimming pool is paramount when you live in the UK. There are lots of ways of heating pools, including boilers, solar heaters, wood burners, and in-line heaters, but the most efficient and cost-effective has to be a swimming pool heat pump.

Air source swimming pool heat pump installation allows for the absorption of the warmth from the air, transferring it into the pool water. For every kilowatt of energy that the heat pump consumes, as much as 6 kilowatts of heat gets transferred to the pool, making this option as much as 80% less expensive to run as well as more environmentally friendly.

Here, we bring you our insider’s guide to swimming pool heat pump repair, installation and servicing so that you can have all the information you need.

How Do Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Work?

A pool heat pump works by taking the heat energy from outdoor air before transferring it to the pool water. Heat pumps have a large fan to draw the air from outside across the evaporator’s surface. Inside the evaporator’s coil, there is a liquid refrigerant that absorbs the heat from the outdoor air. This causes the refrigerant to boil and become a gas.`

This warm gas then passes through a compressor which compresses it to create an extremely hot gas. This hot gas then gives up its heat to the cold water in the pool that circulates through the condenser coil.

As a result, the water in the pool warms up while the gas becomes cooler as it passes through the condenser’s coil. Finally, the refrigerant gas goes back to a liquid form, passes through an expansion valve and the entire process can start again.

Do I Need To Install My Swimming Pool Heat Pump Outdoors?

Since a swimming pool heat pump takes the heat from the outdoor air, it needs to be installed outdoors using anti-vibration pads on a sturdy base.

In order to ensure that the pump is operating at maximum efficiency, it must be located at a distance from any fences, dense vegetation or walls so that the air can flow effectively around the pump unit. If the cool air cannot escape, cooler air will build up around the pump, reducing its heating capability.

Since heat pumps have been designed specifically for outdoor use, they are constructed to be long-lasting and durable and swimming pool heat pump repairs are usually not needed frequently. They are manufactured from several outer casing materials such as corrosion-resistant ABS. By using low-sound, high-efficiency scroll or rotary compressors, low noise fans and oversized heat exchangers, heat pumps can operate very quietly, with a noise level of 50dB – 60dB at 1m being a typical measurement.

How Does Inverter Technology Work?

An inverter swimming pool heat pump installation uses a variable speed compressor motor. This motor will speed up or slow down as required to achieve the desired temperature and maintain it, allowing this temperature to be reached rapidly and maintained efficiently.

A fixed speed motor will reach the chosen temperature slowly, and once that temperature has been reached, it will then be maintained by turning the motor off and on.

Inverter heat pumps vary the output to make it quicker to reach the initial desired temperature and to maintain it at a constant level without having to stop and start the compressor. Inverter technology reduces energy use while also making the pump quieter to operate.

Are Calorex Heat Pumps The Best Choice?

Calorex heat pumps are a top choice in the market thanks to their long-standing pedigree and high-quality products. Established back in 1977, this British brand is based in Maldon, and has been manufacturing market-leading dehumidifiers and heat pumps for commercial installations and pools for over four decades.

Well-known for their efficiency and durability, Calorex pumps are environmentally friendly and are used around the world. Every Calores product is engineered and designed in-house by a dedicated engineering team and each product is rigorously tested before leaving the factory to ensure it fully complies with all the relevant regulations.

For even greater peace of mind, Calorex also have a comprehensive technical support service, with technical application staff on hand to offer full product support. With that in mind, you can rest assured that Calorex heat pumps represent a reliable and trusted choice for your pool, with inverter and on-off heat pumps within the brand’s product range.

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Will A Heat Pump Heat My Pool All Through The Year?

A swimming pool heat pump will only operate efficiently if the ambient air temperature is over 15 degrees Celsius. A summer season heat pump won’t operate if the temperature falls below 8 – 10 degrees Celsius, so it’s recommended to get proper swimming pool heat pump servicing just before we move into those cooler months to ensure it’s in tiptop condition.

An extended season pump will come with defrost functionality so it can operate in cold air temperatures, while an all-season pump is capable of operating in a temperature as low as -10 degrees Celsius. It’s important to note, though, that when the air temperature is lower, there is a reduced kilowatt output, so the pool may not reach the same temperature as it would in warm weather.

Every heat pump has its own balance point at which it can no longer heat the pool to a temperature suitable for swimming. A large heat pump will help you to reach higher water temperatures, or extend your pool’s usable season. This balance point can be impacted by a range of factors including pipework and insulation.

Therefore, in some cases, you may find that your pump cannot achieve the same maximum temperature that the manufacturer claims. It’s therefore important to arrange a regular swimming pool heat pump servicing to ensure that it is working as efficiently as possible at all times, and if a problem is identified, to arrange a swimming pool heat pump repair immediately to prevent the issue from getting out of hand.

If you need help with swimming pool heat pump repair, install, or service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly, professional team today. We’re looking forward to helping you with all your heat pumps requirements.

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