The Best Commercial Warm Air Space Heating

November 18, 2021 | Commercial Boilers, Commercial Heating, Heating

The Best Commercial Warm Air Space Heating

Heating a commercial space creates a unique set of heating demands. So, when it comes to the best commercial warm air space heating, you need to be confident you’re getting the right solution for your specific needs. In this article we focus on one of the two main options you have for heating your commercial space – warm air heating. So, check out the very best commercial warm air space heating systems available on the market right now. 

How Does Warm Air Space Heating Work?

Warm Air Heating units are available as free standing, suspended from the ceiling, or mounted on the wall and can either be powered by your current central heating arrangement or by an element contained within the heater – this can be electric, gas, or oil powered.

As the name suggests, this type of heating heats the air in entire space, so once it’s warm it stays that way unless there is a big influx of cold air. Warm air heated by the unit is then distributed throughout the entire space by fans within the heater, leading to stable consistent temperatures throughout the space. 

Why Choose Warm Air Space Heating? 

Warm Air Space Heating is the best option for heating your commercial or industrial space if that space is large, high, and airy e.g. a manufacturing facility or a storage warehouse with plenty of high up storage racking. As warm air rises, this heating system is perfect for maintaining regulated temperature in areas that have high ceilings, and house products which require a consistent temperature.  

Freestanding units are great for directing warm air to specific areas, some have nozzles designed to do this. Or, if floor space is at a premium, avoid the freestanding models and go for a suspended or wall-mounted system. 

Add-Ons and Enhancements

There are also some clever enhancements we can make to your system to improve it even further, making it even more efficient at heating your space. 

Destratification Fans/Industrial Ceiling Fans

As useful as rising warm air is when heating those elevated racks, it can also lead to loss of
heat and efficiency. In this case we can install destrat fans, to reverse that upwards thermal flow and recirculate the hot air back down towards the lower levels again. This results in improved energy consumption, lower heating costs, and fewer heaters required to heat the space as the air is constantly recirculated and sent back downwards. 

As an added bonus they can be used to cool the space in summer. Installed anywhere from 6 – 15m high, they come in a range of styles and sizes. We have high velocity models and low velocity models depending on your heating/cooling requirements. 

Air Rotation

A simple to install and maintain alternative to potentially expensive destrat fans is air rotation. A fairly new addition to the warm air space heating realm they suck in cold air at floor level, heating it up, before redistributing it at a higher level – effectively rotating the cool and warm air in the space. 

The system is fully automatic and self-regulating, so constant temperatures can be maintained easily with little adjustment or human intervention! 

As the units sit at floor level, any issues can be quickly and efficiently dealt with, unlike destrat fans which must be installed and operated at height – which may increase installation and maintenance costs. 

This could be the perfect solution for large spaces and environmentally conscious building owners as they are efficient, represent longer-term financial savings, and lower environmental impact than many other systems.  

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