The Fulham Miracle

August 28, 2023 | News

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The Fulham Miracle: Resurrecting a 25-Year-Old Vaillant Turbomax Boiler for Just £20

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The Problem: A Freezing Dilemma in Fulham
When winter struck and the heating went cold, a desperate homeowner in Fulham couldn’t find a reliable Vaillant repair specialist. Despite already spending over £450 on various failed attempts to revive his 25-year-old Vaillant Turbomax boiler, he still had no hot water or heating.

The Diagnosis: Pinpoint Precision Saves the Day
After a thorough examination, we quickly identified that the issue was a malfunctioning flow sensor. A simple £20 part was all that was needed to bring life back to this veteran appliance.

The Solution: Efficient and Affordable

  • No need for a brand-new boiler, saving the client a substantial amount of money.
  • Only £20 in parts plus labor, a fraction of what was previously spent on repairs.
  • Customer received hot water and heating immediately after the repair was done.

The Takeaway: Experience Counts
Sometimes a simple solution can save the day, but it takes an experienced eye to spot it. Don’t waste money and time on unreliable fixes. When in doubt, call the experts to get the job done right the first time.

Call to Action: Don’t Be Left in the Cold!
Got a boiler issue that’s driving you up the wall? Need an expert opinion you can trust? Contact us now to get your heating and hot water back in action without breaking the bank!

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