The Top Seven Pool Heater Brands

March 30, 2023 | Heating, Swimming Pool Heating

The Top Seven Pool Heater Brands

Investing in a new pool heater is an expensive decision that can turn into a nightmare if you select a brand that doesn’t live up to your expectations. Rather than taking the risk, we have shared the top seven brands that offer a range of heating solutions so that you can purchase with confidence! Check them out now!

Certikin Pool Heaters

Certikin is well known for its gas pool boilers that provide excellent coverage for pools of all sizes. The Genie range is our favourite and you can choose a size and power output that will give you the season length you want as well as offering the best coverage for the pool capacity that you have without costing the earth to run.

Calorex Pool Heaters

If all-year heating is important to you then opting for a Calorex unit will provide you with the best levels of heat even in the coldest months. They make inverter pumps, on/off pumps and air source heat pumps that can work even at temperatures as low as -15 degrees.

Heatstar Pool Heaters

If energy efficiency is top of your list of requirements then a Heatstar heater may be the best choice for your needs. They claim to offer up to 85% more efficiency than a standard heater and each of their units is made in the UK for the British pool market.

Heatseeker Pool Heaters

If you are looking for a powerful heater that can work in a large pool then a HeatSeeker model may be just what you need. This brand offers a number of quality air source heat pumps that provide high levels of energy that cost significantly less to power than gas or oil boilers.

Duratech Pool Heaters

Another great option for air source heat pumps is the Duratech brand. They have been in business for decades and offer a global market quality pool products. From above-ground to below-ground heating, this company has the products you need and is positioned as a high-quality, top-of-the-range solution.

Pentair Pool Heaters

The Pentair Group is a huge, global entity with a range of products across a variety of markets. If you want a trustworthy boiler that will last for up to 15 years with the right care then Pentair is well worth considering. They offer options for small, medium and large pools and cater for a wide budget range.

Hayward Pool Heaters

The Hayward brand has a number of heat pump options that you can choose from including inverter and on/off solutions for pools of all sizes. The business was founded nearly a century ago and has worked hard to develop and change to a growing market of pool users.

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