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July 31, 2022 | Commercial Boilers, Vaillant

Vaillant Boilers

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About Vaillant Commercial Boilers

The name Vaillant is traditionally associated with domestic boilers which make up a large part of this company’s revenue, but Vaillant also manufacture some of the best commercial boilers around. They have made their boilers affordable and efficient which has translated into their success in both residential and commercial landscapes, and with such a wide variety of boilers on offer to suit a variety of requirements you can be sure there’s a Vaillant boiler out there for everyone.

Vaillant has long been established in the world of heating, with a prestigious heritage that goes as far back as 1874. They have had to constantly adapt and evolve to new technologies over this stretch of time, and this has allowed them to be more innovative than modern brands.

What’s more, whether it’s a wall hung commercial boiler or a floor standing appliance, everything manufactured adheres to the highest of quality standards, meeting and exceeding building regulations.

To bolster its offerings, Vaillant partners with some of the most recognisable associations when it comes to hot water systems including: Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors, Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering, Home Builders Federation, Industrial & Commercial Energy Association and Sustainable Energy Association.

The Vaillant Commercial Boiler Range

As Vaillant aren’t specialists in the creation of commercial boilers, their offerings are quite small, however, the few appliances that they do have are excellently designed and can be purchased in a selection of outputs. Whichever style of commercial Vaillant boiler you choose, floor standing or hung on the wall, you can rest assured that installation and maintenance have been made as simple as possible.

The eleven current boilers in the commercial range from Vaillant are different versions of the same ecoTEC plus and ecoCRAFT, with different output specifications.

ecoTEC plus – small

These are one of the smallest styles of commercial boiler which can be wall hung, suitable for shops and retail units. It can be purchased in a 48kW or a 64kW version, and the stainless-steel heat exchangers in these models ensures highly efficient running – allowing you to cut your energy bills.

It boasts a compact shape which makes it convenient for premises with a small footprint, and it can be used with liquid propane gas (LPG) or natural gas. If you need more than one, it can be installed alongside others in a cascade.

ecoTEC plus – large

Featuring a durable heat exchanger crafted from stainless-steel, this model provides added protection against three of the most common problems with this boiler component – corrosion, seizing and oxidation. As a wall hung unit, it can be used in a cascade if you require more than one appliance, and it boasts an A rating for energy efficiency.

These Vaillant commercial boilers come in either an 80kW, 100kW or 120kW output, so you can determine which one will suit your commercial premises the best. It boasts a system to prevent frost, and has multiple pressure sensors inside.


The largest in the range of Vaillant commercial boilers, these floor standing units sport an A rating with flow temperatures ranging all the way up to 85°C for fast hot water in a flash. There are lots of quality components inside these models including a heat exchanger with modular design which combines both fan and a pre-mixed gas burner to obtain excellent efficiency – giving it a solid A rating.

These models will cater for small to medium establishments and can be purchased in 40kW intervals, including 80kW, 120kW, 160kW, 200kW, 240kW and the largest at 280kW.

Vaillant Commercial Boiler Installation & Servicing

Vaillant boilers are extremely engineer-friendly when it comes to both installation, maintenance and servicing. The design feature is easy to use, and even novice customers will be able to reset their boiler with minimal effort. It has a range of diagnostic codes too which make solving any issues with them a straightforward process.

Domestic boilers by Vaillant only need to be serviced every year, however we recommend commercial Vaillant boilers should receive a check up once every six months to keep them running at maximum efficiency. A service will give you advanced warning of potential issues with boiler components, and provides an opportunity to clear out any build-up of dust, dirt and residue from the internal parts.

Here at Rowlen, we service Vaillant boilers for commercial purposes every day, so if you’re wondering which kilowatt suits your needs the best, feel free to get in touch for a no obligation over the phone quotation. We can point you in the right direction depending on the square foot area of your commercial property and a range of other factors – such as whether you have double glazing or cavity wall insulation – which affects the maximum output you’ll need to stay warm.

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