What Are The Best Unvented Cylinders In 2021?

August 12, 2021 | Boilers, Central Heating, Unvented Cylinder

What are the best unvented cylinders in 2021?

An unvented cylinder is a device that stores hot water in your home, that is always ready to use whenever you require it. Unvented cylinders are connected to the mains water supply and are heated by either a boiler or an immersion heater. Vented cylinders on the other hand are not connected to the mains water supply but instead are connected to a cold water tank.

Unvented cylinders are great if you want to run multiple hot water taps simultaneously, if you want to save some space compared to other, much bigger systems or if your home does not have a gas supply, as unvented cylinders can be heated through electric immersion heaters.

There are several key brands that deliver excellent unvented cylinders, and this article will cover the best unvented cylinders to buy in 2021.

Heatrae Sadia

Heatrae Sadia produces one of the most well-known unvented cylinders on the market today – the Megaflo Eco Plus. These unvented cylinders come with a lifetime warranty, high flow rate, alongside excellent energy efficiency and heat retention. 

Heatrae Sadia has built an impressive reputation over the years, and the Megaflo Eco Plus must be considered as one of the top unvented cylinders to purchase in 2021. They are slightly higher priced than some of the other brands covered in this article, but this is the price to pay for a solid product that won’t let you down. 


Vaillant is another well-known brand in the boiler market. Their uniSTOR unvented cylinders come with a two-year warranty on parts and labour, and a twenty-five-year warranty on cylinder shells. 

They offer slimline, standard and pre-plumbed options and boast improved insulation that reduces heat loss, making them more energy-efficient and cost-effective. They can also be fitted onto existing heating systems for ease of installation. 


Telford is a brand that produces some impressive unvented cylinders, the most notable of all being the Telford Tempest. This unvented cylinder is made from stainless steel that makes it up to 40% thicker than other unvented cylinders on the market. 

Domestic Telford cylinders have a water capacity of up to 500 litres for both indirect and direct cylinders. There is the option to purchase pre-plumbed, slimline or horizontal models so you can find one that suits your unique requirements. 


The Platinum Range is a new range of unvented cylinders from Gledhill that offers some exciting features which are hard to beat. Firstly, they offer a 25-year warranty and a quick installation, due to the fact that they do not require an external expansion vessel. 

They are very well insulated to reduce potential heat loss, making them a leader in energy efficiency. Their capacity is a little lower than some of their competitors, with up to 300 litres for indirect and 210 litres for direct cylinders. Like the Telford Tempest, the Gledhill Platinum Range cylinders are made from tough and durable stainless steel.


There are some great unvented cylinders that are new on the market, with long warranties and new features. We have covered four of the most impressive models that you should consider in 2021 if you require a new unvented cylinder and want to know that you have chosen a product that is reliable, trustworthy and guaranteed to last for a long time. From those listed in this article, the Gledhill Platinum Range looks to be the most impressive, but brands like Heatrae Sadia have a reputation that guarantees you will not be disappointed with a product from this brand. Rowlen Boiler Services are on hand to offer helpful advice when choosing your next unvented cylinder, and our expert team of trained installers will insure your product can be installed as easily as possible for an affordable rate.

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