What Is Gas Fired Warm Air Heating?

April 30, 2021 | Boilers, Heating

What Is Gas Fired Warm Air Heating?

Gas fired warm air heating is a heating system whereby air is extracted from the outside via a vent and is then heated over a gas flame before it is circulated around your home. This is an effective way to heat your home quickly and at a reduced cost compared to other heating systems on the market.

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What Are The Benefits?

Gas fired warm air heating can be easy to install in your home if it is suitable and is often very reliable. There is no requirement for the installation of pipes or radiators, which is both space-saving and increases the reliability as there are fewer items that need ongoing maintenance or replacing if they break after a long time. You will not have to worry about leaking pipes, clogged radiators or broken valves, or any of the other issues you may be familiar with using a wet heating system.

The warm air heating system can heat a home very quickly, as the heat spreads through ducts all around the house, rather than only at specific points like a radiator. Thanks to this, the home heats up much quicker and you do not need to keep the heating system on for as long, leading to a potential reduction in your energy bills.

Older systems of gas fired warm air heating did not typically heat up water as part of the system, and so a separate system needed to be installed to heat up the hot water. However, modern versions of gas fired warm air heating systems have been created that also allow for the heating up of water. 

These systems provide even more advantages as they reduce the need for a water tank, which is another element that could be prone to breakage after long periods which is no longer required. There is also the option with modern systems to implement a cooling system which could then be used in the summer to keep your home cool and is much cheaper than a full air-conditioning system.

Another benefit of gas fired warm air heating systems is that they can include an air cleaner and filter, which can reduce bothersome particles in the air, such as pollen or smoke from cigarettes. This can help with the smell of your home, reduction in allergies and the overall quality of air that you are breathing in at home.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Several disadvantages should be considered before installing a warm air heating system in your home. 

Firstly, the initial installation costs can be expensive, particularly if your home is old. If your home does not already have air ducts in place, then this can be very expensive to install. If you already have air ducts in your home, then the installation and set-up of the unit will be cheaper and much simpler. 

The modern systems that have been mentioned in this article are most typically found in new build properties, which have been built with the gas fired warm air heating system in mind. 

Another disadvantage to consider is that the systems have proven to be noisier than alternative heating systems, and the movement of dust around the home could be problematic to those who suffer from breathing conditions like asthma, or allergic conditions. 

Ongoing Maintenance

Like any heating system, they will need to be serviced annually by a gas engineer. The cost will be the same as the annual gas checks for other heating systems. It is imperative to keep the unit clean as the movement of dust can accumulate on the unit and this could prevent it from running efficiently. The trained and qualified boiler technicians here at Rowlen are always on hand to provide a first-class boiler repair or maintenance service, or just provide some friendly and helpful advice about gas fired warm air heating systems. 

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