What Is The Average Life Of A Boiler?

September 12, 2019 | Boilers, News

Why Hire Professionals For A New Boiler Installation

Buying a boiler is a major investment that you should undertake with care if you’re to get the best value for money from your purchase. Your boiler shouldn’t just be efficient and reliable, it should also last for as long as possible.

With this in mind, you’re probably asking “what is the average life of a boiler?” If you’ve had yours for some time, it may be time to consider a replacement. On the other hand, if you already know that yours needs replacing, you’ll probably need some advice about how to choose the best combi boiler for you. So, read on and discover our expert guide that answers your questions and points you in the right direction so you can make a well-informed purchasing decision when it comes to choosing your next boiler for your home.

How Long Do Boilers Last?

There’s no single answer to the question “what is the average life of a boiler?” However, in general, you can expect a new boiler to last between 10-15 years. There are things you can do, though, to make sure that yours continues to work effectively for as many years as possible.

Choosing A Dependable Boiler In The First Place

The first thing to do is to ensure that you’ve chosen a reliable and dependable brand of boiler in the first place. A good-quality boiler will naturally last longer than a poor-quality one. There are many leading brands that would be an excellent choice for your home. Contact our team today and we can offer you expert advice about how to select the best boiler for your needs.

Have Your Boiler Serviced Annually

Some people ask “do combi boilers need servicing?” The answer is yes, they certainly do. Even though combi boilers are modern and efficient, they still need to be serviced on a regular basis to ensure that they stay in full working order and that any potential issues or faults are spotted quickly and rectified before they turn into a major problem. Servicing is one of the best ways to prevent your boiler from having a reduced lifespan.

Use Professionally Qualified Engineers

Make sure that you get every repair, maintenance service and installation carried out by fully qualified Gas Safe engineers. Saving money shouldn’t be a consideration when it comes to your central heating system. Cheap definitely doesn’t mean better. Not only is it a requirement that work on your gas supply is done by a registered Gas Safe Engineer, it’s also just good sense.

You’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the work has been carried out professionally and thoroughly to the top industry standards. When you choose our team, you can rest assured that your installation and servicing is in very safe hands since we only use fully qualified and registered Gas Safe Engineers.

Monitor Your Heating

You should make sure to always monitoring your heating system and if you spot any changes or issues you should seek professional advice as soon as possible. Monitoring your heating will help you to identify any potential issues at an early stage before they get out of hand and addressing them early will prevent significant damage from taking place.

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Get Any Repairs Done Quickly

If you put off having repairs carried out on any fault that you notice in your system you could end up with lasting damage that is costly to repair. For example, if you allow sludge to build up in your radiators, the problem will only worsen with time and cause further issues to arise. Contact our team straight away as soon as you notice a fault and we can arrange a cost-effective, rapid repair to return your heating system to normal.

Choose The Right Size Of Boiler

If you choose a boiler that is too small for your home it could end up being overworked. As a result, issues could develop that will harm the health of your boiler and will prevent it from functioning for as long as it should. It’s always best to choose a boiler which has the potential and power to meet all your hot water and heating needs efficiently and effectively. Our team of qualified heating engineers can offer you all the help and advice you need to choose the right size of boiler for your property and needs.

Is Your Heating System Efficient Enough?

The boiler in your home has a vital role to play. It’s essential to keep you warm and will impact on your comfort at home. This is why it’s so important to assess whether your heating system is efficient and effective enough so that you can determine whether a replacement is necessary.

Remember that over time, boilers often become less efficient. If your boiler is ten years old, it’s probably time to start thinking about investing in a new one. An inefficient, old boiler has to work much harder to heat up the home while an efficient, new boiler could save you over £200 every year in lower energy bills.

Also, if your home has been extended or an extra bathroom added, your boiler may no longer be able to perform at its most efficient level. It may struggle to produce sufficient hot water and heat for your changing needs. If you overwork a smaller boiler that wasn’t designed to handle the higher demand, it could degrade much more rapidly than it should.

What Signs Should I Look For To Show My Boiler Is Getting Old? 

There are a few signs to be aware of that indicate your boiler is getting old. These include:

  • Frequent breakdowns
  • A costly repair is necessary
  • There are problems with the flue
  • It is no longer fuel efficient
  • It is making unusual noises

If you notice any of these issues and think you could benefit from a new boiler, contact our expert team today. As fully qualified boiler installers and heating engineers, we can give you expert advice about how to choose the right boiler for your needs and can arrange an installation. We’re here to keep your home warm and cosy all year round.

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