What is the Best Boiler?

December 19, 2020 | Boilers, New Boiler

What Is The Best Boiler

Choosing a new boiler is not an easy process, especially when you need to consider price, installation, and quality before you buy. With so many different options on the market, we have decided to share some advice on what to look for before you part with your hard-earned cash. We will also share our top pick with you in case you need a trusted recommendation.

What Should I Look for When Choosing a New Boiler?

If you don’t know what to look for, choosing a new boiler can be a stressful process. Each company will tell you that they are the best choice and list a wide range of features that they feel make them the best choice. To help you with your search, there are three key areas that you should consider:

The Predicted Lifespan

Many cheaper boilers do not last very long at all with some that need to be replaced after just five years! When you are looking for a new boiler, you should opt for one that has at least a ten-year lifespan prediction. Remember, the years given are only a guideline and depend on you having annual services completed. The good news is that well-kept boilers often last longer than predicted!

The Cost

Whether we like it or not, the majority of us have to make our decisions based on our budget, and this is especially true when it comes to a new boiler. Boilers are typically expensive and can be costly to install so you must shop around to get the best deal before you commit to purchasing one.

The Warranty

There is nothing worse than buying something new only for it to break down as soon as you install it. New boilers are typically made from quality parts, but there is always a risk of them failing within the first year of being installed. Choosing a boiler with a long warranty will allow you to enjoy real peace of mind and cover you for any manufacturing faults that may occur.

Our Top Pick – Vaillant Ecofit Range

Here at Rowlen Boiler Services, we install a wide range of different boiler brands and models, but the one that stands out as our top pick is the Vaillant Ecofit Range. Not only are these boilers made in the UK, but they also benefit from being designed using German engineering so that you can feel confident about the quality of your new system

Each of these boilers is cost-effective, comes with a ten-year lifespan and has a long warranty, meaning that all you need to do is organise an annual service to keep on top of maintaining your new boiler!

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Boiler Installation Near Me

Once you have decided on the boiler you want, then you will need to find a boiler replacement and installation service. We take pride in offering a high-quality service that is efficient and ensures that you have access to heat and hot water without delay.

All of our engineers are well-qualified and can provide you with the advice you need to be able to look after your new system. We also offer an annual servicing package to help you maintain your boiler and also provide a repair service should you ever need one. At Rowlen Boiler Services our mission is simple – we work hard to provide you with the best boilers, the best installation and the best on-going services so that you can enjoy your home without worrying about your boiler.

Why Choose Us for Your Boiler Replacement and Installation?

When you choose Rowlen Boiler Services to install your new boiler, then you are not only getting access to high-quality engineers, but you also get a company that has a wealth of experience that you can use to get the best solution for your needs. We cover London and all the surrounding areas so if you live in Perivale or Teddington, Twickenham or Uxbridge, we can help you. Call us today to get the ball rolling – we are looking forward to helping you!

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