What is the Best Pool Temperature?

March 12, 2023 | Pool Temperature, Swimming Pools

What is the Best Pool Temperature?

Keeping your pool temperature at the right level is not just important for your comfort, it is also vital for the good upkeep and running of your pool. Some of the key considerations for temperature include the temperature of the pool water, the temperature of the room your pool is contained within and the levels of relative humidity Find out more about these factors now so that you can get the best from your pool for the longest time possible.

Getting the Water Temperature Right

Jumping into a warm pool is a feeling that cannot be beaten, especially when the weather is particularly hot or cold outside. However, even though it may be tempting to turn up your heating to the highest level, you may be better off keeping it at a regular temperature instead.

Private pools come with a recommended temperature guide of 26 – 30 degrees Celsius. This is because fewer people will be using the water and so the temperature can go higher than if it were a public pool.

Thinking About the Pool Room Temperature

If your pool is located inside then you will also need to think about the temperature of the room where the pool is housed in. Maintaining a specific temperature will help to reduce the amount of evaporation that occurs and keep your pool room in good working order.

It is advisable to keep your pool room at least 2 degrees warmer than the pool water, making it comfortable to swim and ensuring that the room does not become overly wet, causing damage that will need to be repaired on a regular basis.

Factoring in Relative Humidity

When it comes to keeping your pool and pool room safe from structural damage, you will need to think about the levels of humidity in the air. This is called relative humidity and it is recommended that you aim for levels of 50 – 60%.

If your relative humidity is above 60% then you have an increased risk of developing fungal growths around the pool as well as excessive condensation. If your levels are below 50% then your pool will evaporate more, pushing up the costs of use for your dehumidifier. The ideal percentage will depend on the time of the year, with it being nearer 60% in the summer and closer to 50% in the winter months.

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Saving Money and Getting the Temperature Right

Keeping your pool at the optimum temperature can be daunting, especially when you need to find the money to power your pool heating system. One of the best ways to do this is to consider installing a power saving heating tool.

If you invest in a new heating system that is cost-effective then you can look forward to keeping your water warm for as long as you need without breaking the bank. Some of the best solutions include air source heat pumps and modern gas boilers.

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