What Is The Vaillant F83 Error Code And How To Fix It?

June 08, 2022 | Boiler Codes, Boiler Errors, Vaillant

What Is The Vaillant F83 Error Code And How To Fix It?

Vaillant boilers are some of the best on the market today, and they boast a wide range of quality boilers for residential use. The newest Vaillant boilers are extremely well built and have a good reputation of long-lasting, efficient performance, however some of the older boilers from this brand can start to experience problems after many years of constant daily use.

When there is a problem with your Vaillant boiler, it will give you an error code on your display screen so that you can diagnose the issue, or a professional local boiler repair service near you can attend and know exactly what is going on. There are many types of fault code boilers can experience, from simple blocking errors to maintenance and lockout errors.

In this article we’ll be taking a closer look at the Vaillant F83 error code and how it can be fixed by yourself or a qualified professional.

What Is The Vaillant F83 Error Code?

This is a common issue with boilers and not something you should be worried about, but it does need to be resolved in order for your boiler to work at maximum efficiency to provide hot water and heating. The Vaillant F83 error code will be displayed for a variety of reasons.

The sensors which govern the return temperature of your water or the flow may not be calibrated properly, or they may no longer be positioned correctly inside of the pipe itself. When this occurs, there is a strong indication of low pressure in your boiler system. Another reason for this F83 error code is that the wiring of the sensor may not be connected properly to the PCB – or the connection is simply loose or even damaged.

One other cause could be that the boiler is experiencing an issue with the heat exchange mechanism, leading to low temperatures. This could be due to a gas valve not functioning properly, a low gas flow within the system or simply a problem with the combustion chamber itself – resulting in a heat transfer that is too low or too restricted.

Can I Fix The Vaillant F83 Error Code Myself?

With many problems your boiler experiences, a DIY solution is often possible, especially if it only involves rebalancing the pressure within the system by filling up the tank or bleeding the radiators. However, with a complex error code like F83 on the Vaillant boiler, the issue lies within the boiler itself and should only be attempted by a trained Gas Safe registered boiler repair engineer.

Thankfully, the F83 error code doesn’t mean that your boiler is completely broken, and it is just displaying because there are parts and sensors within that are not functioning as they should and may need to be adjusted or replaced or your boiler to regain proper functioning. If the issue is caused by an internal leak inside the boiler, a replacement boiler may be needed otherwise it is likely to keep displaying the same code.

Your trusted boiler technician will give you all the options when they pay you a visit and examine the boiler for themselves, and oftentimes it is a quick fix to get your boiler working again. Once the engineer has resolved the issue, your boiler will be reset. If you’ve tried to repressurise the system yourself in an attempt to clear the fault, let the technician know so they have a clear picture of what is happening.

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Being tucked away in the corner of your home not much thought is often given to boiler servicing, but the best way to keep it in good working order is to have an annual service. A trained technician who is Gas Safe certified will be able to attend your property and give your boiler a good clean and diagnose any potential issues before they become serious and expensive.

It usually takes under an hour to do a full boiler service, checking all of the components and internal mechanisms, and professionals may even bleed your radiators safely to ensure that they are giving the maximum amount of heat possible. Faults like the F83 error code can be found in advance, and whatever make of boiler you have, you can be a good boiler engineer will have the experience and knowledge to provide a thorough boiler service.

If you’ve been receiving the F83 error code on your boiler for some time and you have noticed an issue with the heating or hot water throughout the home, then it’s probably time to give the experts a call. Here at Rowlen Boiler Service, we are dedicated professionals with years of experience in boiler installation and boiler repair in and around London.

If you’re looking for a local boiler repair service near you to fix the F83 Vaillant error code, reach out to us today and we’ll get your boiler back in working order.

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