What Is The Worcester Error 227?

December 15, 2021 | Boiler Codes, Worcester Boilers

What Is The Worcester Error 227?

It can be alarming when you discover an error code flashing on your boiler. Immediately you think of expensive repairs, parts, and call outs, but failure to deal with the issue now is a recipe for boiler breakdown and much more expensive fixes in the long run. So, here’s our lowdown on the Worcester Error 227 – what it means, what causes it, how to avoid getting in the first place – and when you need to call on a professional boiler engineer to fix the issue. 

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What Does the Worcester Error 227 Mean?

This error code indicates that a flame was not detected when the boiler was trying to fire up. After about four to five attempts to fire up, the safety protocols on your boiler will kick in and the boiler will lockout for safety reasons. 

What Causes the Worcester Error 227?

There are a few reasons that your boiler may not detect a flame when it is trying to fire, here are some of the most common: 

There is an issue with the gas supply to the boiler

This is probably the most common issue to result in Error 227 on a Worcester boiler and could be caused by a faulty or incorrectly adjusted gas valve. Your Gas Safety Engineer will be able to determine if a valve can be adjusted or (most likely) will need to be replaced. 

If your Worcester Error 227 shows up most often in the winter, it could be a problem with your external gas meter. A frozen or partially frozen gas meter could be affecting the gas regulator, and therefore, the supply of gas to the boiler. Check your meter for insulation and ‘boxing in’ if it’s outside. Again, your Gas Safety Engineer will be able to help with this and advise you on how to insulate your meter properly to protect it from the cold, eradicating this issue in the future. 

Blocked Pilot Jet

Even the tiniest piece of detritus can produce a blockage in the pilot light jet and stop the flame developing. If you noticed a flickering flame just before your pilot light finally went out, this could be an indicator of a blocked pilot jet. Your Gas Safety Engineer will be able to clean this tiny jet which, if it was the cause of the problem, will reset your error display. 

Damaged electrode or ignition lead – your boiler needs these parts to be in full working order to produce an effective flame. It is sometimes possible to repair them, but your Gas Safety Engineer will know what to do – it might actually be cheaper to replace them. 

Internal moisture leaking onto the electricals

A boiler houses a complex set of internal electrical components and even the smallest leak, build-up of moisture or condensation can affect these sensitive electrical components. If you do manage to detect a leak – turn off the boiler and the water supply and call an engineer. In most cases, the leak is incredibly difficult to detect from outside the unit, so it’s best to leave it up to your engineer to diagnose. 

The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is basically the brain of your boiler, sending messages out to each electrical component to tell it what to do. Even the smallest undetectable leak could do some serious damage here. Your Gas Safety Engineer will be able to tell if this is the problem and advise on which elements should be replaced. A damaged PCB could be up to £500 to replace. This will clear your error. 

Do I Need to Call an Engineer? 

When your Worcester boiler experiences an issue such as the Error 227, followed by a complete boiler lockout, this is a very clear indication that there is something wrong with your boiler, and unless you are an appropriately qualified Gas Safety Engineer you should not attempt to repair or clear this message yourself. 

A Gas Safety Engineer is the only person who is legally allowed to fix this type of fault and failing to employ the right person could put you and your family at risk. You need to call out a specialist heating engineer for an emergency diagnosis and repair. 

Once the professionals have diagnosed and repaired the fault, the error display will clear, and your boiler will function normally once more. Rowlen Boiler Services deal with issues like this all the time, so we’re well placed to offer you the best solution. Give us a call today and get your boiler back to normal once again.

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