What to Expect During Your New Boiler Installation?

November 12, 2020 | Commercial Boilers, Commercial Gas Boilers

What To Expect During Your New Boiler Installation

Typically, a boiler will last for over a decade. However, yours may already have reached the point at which a replacement is required. Perhaps your existing boiler is no longer working? Or maybe you just want to upgrade to a newer model?

Whether you opt for a Vaillant commercial boiler install or the installation of any other brand of a new boiler, you’ll need to plan the process carefully to make sure everything runs seamlessly. Knowing what to expect during your new boiler installation will make sure you’ve prepared adequately.

Preparing To Install Your Commercial Boiler

The first step before a commercial boiler install is for a Gas Safe engineer to visit your commercial premises to inspect the space and talk with you about which boiler setup would be the best for your needs. During the process, a heating survey will be carried out. The number of rooms will be checked to determine which size of boiler you need.

Also, the existing radiators will be assessed and questions asked about how many people will usually be inside the building. Further to this, possible locations where the boiler could be sited will be examined, and investigations carried out into how the boiler will be connected to a source of power to assess whether any extra pipework is going to be required. Finally, a day and time will be arranged between you and the engineer for the boiler to be installed.

The Process Of Installation

On the day of the installation, you’ll need to be onsite to allow the Gas Safe engineer to access the property. They will then tell you about what will happen during the installation process. The length of the installation time depends on the complexity of the setup.

A simple installation like fitting a new combi boiler that is the same type as the one that it’s replacing will take just a few hours. But, if the installation involves changes to the pipework or drilling, the process may take as long as 2 – 5 days. Your engineer will give you an idea of the length of time the install will take at the time.

To prepare for your boiler to be installed, the engineer covers up the nearby surfaces using dust sheets and carpet protectors to keep the space clean. If an old boiler is being replaced, the engineer will first cut it off from the water and gas supply before removing it.

Before the new boiler is connected, the engineer cleans out the central heating system so the majority of the debris that is inside it will be eradicated. A power flush or chemical flush may need to be carried out, and this could take a few hours. Next, the pipework will be adjusted or reconfigured to minimise heat loss from the boiler.

Finally, the engineer installs the boiler in the chosen location and connects it to the mains supply, water outlets and radiators. If it is a regular boiler, a storage tank will also be required. Filling loops or a system filter may also be added depending on the accessories required.

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Testing The System

After the installation of the boiler, the engineer will need to carry out system checks as a way of checking the boiler is functioning properly. They will look for any possible leaks and check whether the pressure of the gas is within the proper range.

After carrying out comprehensive testing, they’ll tidy the space up and then give you a run-down of how to use the new boiler. They’ll tell you about any safety issues and explain the operation process before giving you the boiler manual to refer to later. If you’ve got any concerns or questions, this is the time to raise them.

Maintaining Your New Boiler

After the installation, the engineer will register the boiler with the Gas Safe authorities and tell the local authorities so that you are compliant with the Building Regulations. You’ll receive the appropriate Building Regulations Certificate.

Also, your engineer will send the boiler manufacturer’s registration certificate so its warranty is validated. Once all of this is complete, your boiler will be ready to use. However, you’ll still need to remember to book an annual service to ensure it stays working perfectly. With ongoing maintenance, your new commercial boiler should last for many more years.

Whether you’re choosing an Ideal commercial boiler install, a Vaillant boiler or any other popular brand, we can help you to plan and arrange your installation and ongoing maintenance. Contact us today to find out more about how our Gas Safe engineers can help you.

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