When Is My Service Due On My Boiler?

August 11, 2020 | Boiler Problems, Boiler Repair, Boilers

When Is My Service Due On My Boiler

Have you recently purchased a brand new boiler and had it installed at your home? Are you now asking “when is the service due on my boiler?” This is a common question that homeowners ask when a new boiler has been installed in their property. After all, any modern boiler should work perfectly for many years, supplying your home with hot water and cosy warmth. However, it can only continue to do this in the long-term if you ensure that it has regular servicing and maintenance. Without annual servicing, its performance cannot be effectively maintained, and breakdowns and faults will, eventually, inevitably occur. When an engineer comes out to your home on a regular basis to check its parts and components, any issues will be spotted quickly and rectified before they get out of hand.

While most people know that their boiler ought to be regularly serviced, though, they often don’t know when that servicing should take place, or indeed, how often. Here, we answer the question “when is the service due on my boiler?” and we also look at why it’s so important to make sure that your boiler undergoes regular routine maintenance.

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Servicing Prevents Problems From Occurring

The main reason that all boilers must be regularly serviced is because this kind of routine maintenance will help to prevent a major problem from occurring. If a boiler breaks down completely due to a lack of maintenance, it can require extensive and often expensive repairs to rectify the issue. During the winter, your boiler is especially prone to problems and breakdown. If it hasn’t been serviced, it is much more likely to experience issues at this troublesome time of year. There is also a dangerous problem that boilers may face – gas leaks. These may be catastrophic when left untreated. Servicing your boiler ensures that engineers can spot a potential problem before it becomes too serious, and rectify it before it worsens and puts your health and safety at risk.

Servicing To Maintain Performance

Not only can regular servicing detect potential problems with your central heating system and boiler, it can also help to prolong your system’s lifespan and maintain its efficiency in the long run. The average modern boiler should function perfectly for around a decade or even longer, but to ensure that this is possible it needs to be looked after properly.

With time, the performance level of your boiler will almost certainly drop since the components begin to wear down. The system will also become affected by problems like limescale, rust and sludge which build up. With regular servicing, engineers can monitor issues like these then take appropriate action whenever necessary so that the efficiency of the boiler can be effectively maintained.

When Do I Need To Arrange The First Service For My Boiler?

Generally, it’s recommended by boiler manufacturers that you arrange your boiler’s first service around one year after the date of its installation. Some manufacturers, however, will recommend that you wait for 24 months after the date of installation. You could opt for this longer period if you wish. All reputable manufacturers of boilers including Vaillant, GlowWorm, Potterton, Baxi, Viessman, Keston, Ideal and Worcester Bosch adhere to this advice.

Don’t Service Your Boiler Yourself

You may be tempted to try to save some money by trying to servicing your gas boiler on your own. However, this is not a good or safe idea. There are many risks that come along with servicing your boiler yourself.

Firstly, you are running the risk of worsening any problems which already exist as well as the possibility of creating a new problem while you attempt to carry out the service. Also, and most importantly, you’re potentially putting your own safety and the safety of everyone about you at risk too.

It’s therefore essential that you use the services of a registered and qualified professional boiler engineer who can help you to carry out your service and also help you to carry out any necessary repairs and rectifications that are identified during the annual service.

When you arrange for a professional boiler engineer to come to your home and carry out routine maintenance and servicing on your gas boiler on a yearly basis, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that not only will you and your loved ones at home be safe from any potential gas leaks or boiler problems, but also that your boiler will continue to function at its optimal level, keeping your home warm and comfortable for many more years to come with minimal risk of serious breakdowns, issues and problems occurring.

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