When Should I Replace My Boiler?

December 23, 2020 | Boiler Replacement, Boilers

When Should I Replace My Boiler

Owning your own property comes with many responsibilities, and keeping your boiler in good condition is just one of them. Many homeowners do not realise that their boiler needs to be serviced every year, and the majority also do not recognise when it is time to replace their boiler. To help you avoid a surprise boiler breakdown check out our advice so that you know exactly when to replace your current boiler!

How Long Does the Average Boiler Last?

Every boiler comes with a suggested lifespan to give you an idea of how long you can expect it to last if it is kept in optimum condition. The majority of boiler companies offer ten-year boilers, but some are as low as five and some as much as fifteen. The lifespan tends to relate to the price of the boiler, with more expensive brands offering longer life.

When you purchased your boiler, you would have been given this information, but if it has been a while or you have moved into a property with a boiler in-situ, then a quick internet search will let you know just how long you can expect your unit to last.

How Does Servicing Prolong My Boiler’s Life Span?

When you look into the average life of your boiler, all manufacturers will tell you that their estimate is based on you arranging an annual service for your boiler. Servicing a boiler not only allows you to find out about any potential problems that need to be repaired, but it also ensures that a professional has checked and cleaned the boiler to reduce build-up and blockages.

Annual services are not expensive and will give you the peace of mind you need to understand the condition of your boiler. Do not be tempted to arrange a service with an unqualified engineer and never try to service your boiler yourself as this can lead to more problems that need to be fixed.

How To Work Out When It Is Time for a New Boiler

If you have no idea when you need a new boiler, then the best way of working this out is to arrange a service. Your engineer will be able to tell you how old your unit is, how well it is performing and an estimated timespan for needing to replace your current one.

If you do not want to service the boiler before finding out its age, then take a look for the serial number, make and model and use the manufacturer’s website to get an idea of the age of your boiler.

Boiler Replacement Near Me

If you decide to arrange for a new boiler, then get in touch with us to discuss your options. We are qualified to fit a wide range of boilers and can suggest different options that will suit the type of property you own as well as fitting in with your budget. Our installations are mess-free, quick and good value plus we will arrange it to fit in with your life.

Once your boiler has been fitted, why not consider an annual service plan with us too? We will visit your property yearly and complete a full service and check the boiler to ensure that it is running efficiently with no issues. Our team of engineers are professional and well-qualified and will always explain everything they have done so that you can feel confident about the condition of your boiler.

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