Who is Responsible for Boiler Cover: Tenants or Landlords?

April 19, 2023 | News

Landlord responsible for my boiler

When renting a property, questions regarding the responsibility for boiler cover often arise. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the responsibilities of tenants and landlords, the benefits of boiler cover, and the best practices for maintaining a safe and functional boiler system.

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Understanding Boiler Cover

Boiler cover is a type of insurance policy that protects against boiler breakdowns and associated repair costs. The coverage typically includes the boiler itself, but some policies may extend to other aspects of the central heating system. Boiler cover is essential for both landlords and tenants, ensuring quick repairs and replacements when issues arise.

Landlord Responsibilities for Boiler Cover

The responsibility for boiler cover ultimately falls on the landlord. Landlords must ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of the boiler in the rental property. This includes taking out boiler cover, organising regular servicing, and addressing any reported issues promptly.

Tenants, on the other hand, are expected to report any boiler-related concerns to the landlord or managing agency. They must also take care not to cause damage to the boiler through negligent actions.

Landlord Boiler Cover Options

Landlord boiler cover is specifically tailored to meet the needs of property owners who rent out their properties to tenants. These policies help landlords provide quick and efficient repair services while also protecting them from unexpected repair costs.

Boiler cover policies may include:

  • Annual boiler servicing to maintain optimal performance
  • Coverage for parts and labour costs
  • Gas Safety certificates, which are legally required for rental properties

There are various types of landlord boiler cover available, ranging from basic to comprehensive policies. Landlords should consider their needs and budget when choosing the best boiler cover option.

Can Tenants Repair a Boiler Themselves?

While it may be tempting for tenants to attempt a boiler repair themselves, this is strongly discouraged. Boiler repairs can be dangerous and should only be carried out by Gas Safe registered engineers. Moreover, if a tenant causes damage to the boiler while attempting a repair, they may be held liable for the repair costs.

In case of a boiler-related issue, tenants should:

  1. Notify the landlord or managing agency promptly.
  2. Allow the landlord to arrange for a qualified engineer to inspect and repair the boiler.

Legal Requirements for Landlords

Landlords are legally required to ensure the safety of gas appliances, chimneys, and flues in their rental properties. The Gas Safety Regulations 1998 mandate landlords to regularly service and maintain these appliances to prevent potential hazards.

By obtaining landlord boiler cover, landlords can fulfil their legal obligations and ensure their tenants’ safety.

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