Why Would a Boiler Stop Working?

November 16, 2017 | Boiler Repair, Boilers

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Has your boiler stopped working? Whether your boiler is not turning on or whether it’s constantly switching itself off, there’s never a good time to find that your boiler is not working, especially if it’s winter. Luckily, our team are on hand to answer your questions and to resolve your problems, whatever they may be.

Lots of central heating issues occur after a long period when your boiler hasn’t been used. If you’ve left your heat switched off during the summer months, you may find that when the time comes to use your heating again you find that your boiler simply won’t turn on. Whether your home has a conventional system or whether your combi boiler is not working, read on to find out more about the most common issues that could be the cause of your problem.

Does Your Boiler Have Low Pressure?

One of the most common reasons for your boiler to stop working is that the pressure inside the system is low. This is a simple fix that you can usually do yourself. Check the pressure gauge on the front of your boiler. If the gauge is in the red or below 1, this is probably why your heating isn’t working properly.

There are several reasons for low boiler pressure, including leaks in the system, a broken valve or because you’ve recently bled your radiators but the first thing you could try is repressurising your system. If this fails to work, or if the pressure keeps dropping, contact one of our Gas Safe Engineers. We can identify the problem and resolve it for you.

Is Your Boiler Working But Your Radiators Aren’t Heating Up?

This is another common problem. If your radiators have cold patches or just aren’t heating at all, there may be a build-up of air or sludge in the system. If the bottom of the radiator is heating, you should try bleeding your radiator to remove trapped air. If there are cold patches at the base or centre of your radiator, this could be because sludge has built up. One of our engineers can run a power flush on your system to resolve the problem.

Is Your Boiler Making Strange Noises?

Whistling, banging and other strange noises may be worrying when they come from your boiler but rest assured that they’re a common problem. The noises may be as a result of air inside the system, a faulty pump or low water pressure or it could be kettling – a problem due to limescale build-up in your system. One of our engineers can determine the source of the problem if you give us a call.

Are Your Pipes Frozen?

All recently installed boilers are condensing boilers and this means that the waste gas produced by the boiler is drained outdoors by a condensate pipe. If the weather is very cold, the water can freeze, causing the condensate pipe to become blocked. We can offer you helpful advice about how to defrost your pipes and restore your heating again.

Is Your Hot Water And Heating Intermittent?

If your hot water and central heating are intermittent or aren’t working at all, this could be due to a broken airlock, diaphragm or thermostat, a faulty motorised valve or a low water level. A repair or replacement may be required, but we can help you out with this if you give us a call straight away.

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Is Your Boiler Switching Itself Off?

When a boiler continually switches itself off after you turn it on, the problem could be low boiler pressure or a blockage somewhere in the system which is restricting the flow of water. Alternatively, there could be a faulty pump. Give us a call and one of our engineers can diagnose and resolve the problem for you.

Does Your Pilot Light Switch Itself Off?

The blue flame of the pilot light should always be lit. If it’s turning off, then you have a problem with your boiler. One common reason is that the thermocouple is faulty, and this is preventing the supply of gas from reaching your boiler. Check first whether your gas supply is experiencing any issues before you try to reignite your pilot light and check to ensure that the gas stopcock is on. If your gas appliances are not working or if your boiler isn’t able to receive any gas, contact your own gas supplier. Otherwise, give us a call and we’ll help you to rectify the problem safely.

Is Your Thermostat Unreliable?

Thermostats can lose accuracy or may turn on and off sporadically at the wrong times. This may indicate that the time has come to buy a new one. We can install a new one for you if you give us a call today.

Is Your Boiler Leaking?

A leaky boiler may be due to several reasons. You should call one of our engineers to determine the source of the leak since it can be dangerous to deal with a leaking boiler if you aren’t a qualified Gas Safe heating engineer. Commonly, the problem will be due to a pressure valve or pump seal fault. If there is a pressure valve leak, the pressure in the boiler could be too high resulting in your boiler overheating.

Meanwhile, if it’s a pump seal fault, it may have worn out and may need replacing. There may also be leakage around the tank or pipes due to corrosion or it’s even possible that your boiler may not be correctly fitted. One of our engineers will be able to find out what’s wrong and resolve the problem or, if necessary, recommend that you have a new boiler installed.

Whatever the nature of your boiler problem, don’t hesitate to call us today. Our friendly and fully qualified team of heating engineers can diagnose the source of the fault and can help restore warmth to your home.

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