Worcester Bosch vs. Vaillant Boilers – How Do They Compare?

September 18, 2021 | Boiler Comparison, Boilers, Vaillant, Worcester Boilers

Worcester Bosch vs. Vaillant Boilers – How Do They Compare?

If you are considering purchasing a new boiler, you have more than likely come across the major brand names that dominate the market and you are now probably deciding between the two great names in boiler installation – Worchester Bosch and Vaillant. 

Both of these brands have their benefits and their drawbacks, and in this article we will look over some of the main pros and cons of each brand to identify which one has the edge in the market to help you decide which one is best suited for your home. 


Overall, Vaillant boilers are slightly more expensive than Worchester Bosch. Comparing similar models, Vaillant boilers can be a few hundred pounds more expensive than Worchester Bosch boilers due to the sturdy design and high-quality internal components. If you are looking to save on costs as you’ve been caught by surprise needing a new boiler, or simply don’t have the budget to splash out on a top of the range boiler, then you should consider that a Worchester boiler may be the preferable option.


Worcester has a wider range, including compact boilers that are more suitable for a smaller home. If you would like more choice and available sizes, then Worchester may be the best brand for you. Vaillant boilers do come in all shapes and sizes too, but the range is smaller and more focus is paid to making sure the small range that they do offer is well-made. 


Worchester Bosch has won the Which? Best Buy award for the last ten years. This is an award based on customer feedback and is an excellent indicator of what to expect if you get a Worchester Bosch boiler. However, boiler installation experts have rated Vaillant boilers higher due to the ease of repair and servicing

A key difference between Vaillant and Worchester Bosch boilers is the heat exchanger in Worchester boilers is made from aluminium, whereas Vaillant boilers have stainless steel heat exchangers. Aluminium heat exchangers are more likely to corrode over time compared to stainless steel. As the heat exchanger is the costliest component of a boiler to replace, a higher quality heat exchanger is a plus for Vaillant, and it also helps justify the higher price tag on some of their boiler models.

In 2020, Vaillant won the Which? Best Buy award for the best gas boiler, which suggests they are on the rise in terms of reputation. They have been cited as having excellent customer service and technical support following installation.

Repairs And Warranties

Both Worchester Bosch and Vaillant offer warranties of up to five years, but the warranty from Vaillant is only available at an extra charge and is only available if you have the boiler installed by a Vaillant installer. 

Worcester Bosch includes an extended warranty on any of their boilers at no extra charge, as long as you get the boiler installed by a specified Worcester Bosch installer. Comparing Worchester Bosch vs. Vaillant on this aspect alone, Worchester is clearly the better choice.


When deciding which boiler to buy between Worchester Bosch vs. Vaillant, you should consider what your specific needs are. If you are looking for a wider range of options in terms of price and size, then Worchester Bosch is the brand for you. 

Both brands have strong reputations in the UK from customers, but Vaillant has the edge with more positive feedback from engineers. If you are looking for peace of mind over the long term and don’t mind splashing out extra for an extended warranty, Vaillant is your best choice. The higher quality heat exchangers on Vaillant boilers are also a big selling point as it is less likely that you will need to replace this costly element as quickly as you would with a Worchester Bosch boiler.

Overall, Worchester Bosch appears to be the better choice, but it does depend on your individual requirements and you should consider these carefully before making your choice. If you’re looking to install a new boiler to replace your old model, or repair your existing one, give Rowlen a call and find out which boiler is the best for your individual needs. 

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