Rowlen Boiler Services in Eastcote can provide for all boiler and heating repairs, services and installations. Our fully comprehensive service covers all the bases – we’ve gained over 50 years experience in the industry and we’ve seen every boiler and heating issue under the sun! We operate in and around Eastcote and the Middlesex, London and Surrey areas.

Our technical expertise combines with exceptional customer service to make us the best boiler services company around, no job is too big or too small and we’re always on hand to deal with emergency boiler situations swiftly and effectively.

Over our 50 years operation, we’ve worked with every type and brand of boiler in thousands of private homes and commercial properties. We’ve worked with brands such as Potterton boilers, Worcester Bosch boilers, Ideal boilers and Vaillant boilers as well as many custom, bespoke or niche boilers fitted for highly complex heating systems in larger commercial or industrial properties.

Our friendly engineers are highly trained and they’ve seen it all! We will discuss any job with you extensively before proceeding and everything is covered by a 12-month parts and labour guarantee as standard.

Boiler Servicing with Rowlen

Boiler maintenance is extremely important. A well-maintained boiler can run smoothly for many years but a poorly maintained or unserviced boiler can become problematic quite quickly. Regularly servicing your boiler keeps it ticking over efficiently. This reduces your CO2 emissions and energy consumption, in turn reducing your energy bills.

Your home will also be heated more efficiently. Services also route out small or developing problems before they become catastrophic – it’s far cheaper than running your boiler into the ground and needing to get a new one!

As part of our boiler service in Eastcote, we can check your entire heating system including your radiators. By checking full functionality of your heating system, we can ascertain exactly how well it is working and advise of its condition and any potential recommended repairs going forward. Finally and perhaps most importantly, boiler maintenance keeps your boiler running safely. A poorly maintained boiler is at risk of emitting hazardous carbon monoxide.

Gas Safety Check

Fitting new boilers is a tricky business but Rowlen has maintained an exceptional track record in the proper fitting of all types of boilers for the last 50 years. We know and understand what it takes to fit a boiler, the issues of doing so and the parts required to carry out the job efficiently. Our trained engineers have fitted countless boilers in many types of properties ranging from commercial and industrial properties to private homes of all shapes and sizes.

New boilers are sometimes necessary to replace very old or defunct boilers in older properties. Sometimes boilers can go past the point of repair and installing a new one becomes the most sensible and economical option. Extended houses may also require newer more powerful boilers to be installed to adequately heat a bigger area. In any case, installing modern boilers comes with a host of benefits. They’re more power efficient and use less energy, can heat larger areas for less, are low-noise and come with numerous controls for programming heating schedules, etc. They’re also extremely safe and long lasting.

Customer Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it, our happy customers in Ealing have rated our boiler service as “Excellent”

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The Benefits of Installing a New Boiler

  • Much improved energy consumption – Modern boilers have a much-reduced energy footprint
  • Can heat large areas – Modern boilers effectively heat bigger areas more easily
  • Durable – Modern boilers are hard wearing and require fewer repairs over a lifetime
  • Very safe – Modern boilers are protected from carbon monoxide emission
  • Adaptable – With advanced settings, modern boilers are more flexible to different heating schedules

Emergency Boiler and Heating Repair in Eastcote

Boilers are long-lasting devices that are designed to stand the rigours of heating homes and properties, especially in the winter months. Despite this, repairs do become inevitable after a while and in the event of issues, boilers can be repaired to avoid full-scale replacements or installations. If you do encounter an emergency situation regarding your heating then we’re on hand 24/7. An engineer will visit you ASAP and work towards a rapid resolution of your issue – they’ve seen pretty much every issue in the book so they’ll be able to swiftly diagnose your heating issue and work out the best procedure.

Rowlen’s boiler repairs in Eastcote cover every situation from minor routine repairs to full overhauls. We can work on any brand or type of boiler ranging from common household boilers to bespoke or custom large-scale boilers that heat large properties.

Why Choose Rowlen in Eastecote?

Rowlen is a family company with over 50 years of heating and boiler experience. Our industry expertise means we’ve covered almost every type of repair and installation possible. Our trained engineers are friendly, helpful and informative and they’ll work hard to ensure the best possible outcome for your boiler and heating system. We have experience both in private homes and properties and larger commercial or industrial properties. No job is too big or too small! If you have any questions or queries regarding our company, please get in touch.

Qualified & Insured

The Rowlen heating team are qualified, knowledgeable and insured. When they are in your home, you feel secure, safe in the hands of vetted professionals. We always let you know exactly what work is being carried out and will tidy up when complete. So get you Boiler Serviced today by Rowlen Boiler Services Ealing.
We are local our offices are Spaces Rowlen Boiler Services Ealing 71, 75 Uxbridge Rd, London W5 5SL and we are open 8-5pm  020 7870 8598

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