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Rowlen Boiler Services operates in Harrow and the surrounding areas of London, Middlesex and Surrey. We provide a full suite of boiler and heating services covering all manner of repairs, servicing and installation. With over 50 years of experience doing boiler service Harrow and an extremely knowledgeable team of engineers, no job lies outside of our scope.

We’ve worked with all boiler types and brands in both private properties and commercial or industrial properties. We understand every boiler brand including, but not limited to, Vaillant, Ideal, Potterton and Worcester Bosch as well as many other types of custom or purpose-built boilers installed in larger commercial or industrial properties.

We’re extremely dedicated to customer service and always go the extra mile to ensure our work is carried out with maximum customer satisfaction. Our engineers are informative and will keep you in the loop and if you need to contact us then we’re always on hand to respond – we don’t use call centres so you’ll be able to talk to use directly.

Emergency Boiler Repair in Harrow

Boilers are designed to be hard wearing and durable and they’ll work for years, providing they’re properly maintained. Despite this, problems do occur and things can break or go wrong – it’s inevitable! Rowlen is able to carry out a wide range of boiler repairs to either bring an old or defunct boiler back to life or to revive a poorly functioning boiler. If you suspect that your boiler isn’t working as well as it should or if it’s packed up entirely then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re on hand 24/7 to deal with emergency requests – our trained engineers will meet you as quickly as possible before carrying out a full check and diagnosis of the problem.

If you need your boiler service in Harrow cover all boiler brands and types ranging from standard household boilers to more complex larger boilers used to heating larger industrial or commercial properties. We understand what it takes to provide a first-class repair and everything is covered by a 12-month parts and labour guarantee as standard.

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New Boiler Installation in Harrow

If you need a new boiler in Harrow then Rowlen can provide a full range of installation services that cater to all types of properties, both private and commercial/industrial. We have maintained an exceptional track record in installing numerous boilers across every brand, our trained engineers have tremendous experience and expertise and they’ll work towards installing the best boiler for your premises.

New boilers are sometimes necessary either to replace very old or poorly functioning boilers or to replace boilers that have gone beyond the point of repair. Fitting a new boiler can be more economical than repairing an old one. Modern boilers also yield many long-term benefits, they lower energy costs, run more smoothly, require fewer repairs and less intensive services and last for longer.

Customer Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it, our happy customers in Ealing have rated our boiler service as “Excellent”

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Benefits of Fitting a New Boiler

  • Green and economical – Modern boilers use less energy than their older counterparts
  • Heightened efficiency – New boilers run more efficiently
  • Hard wearing – Modern boilers are durable and function for long lifetimes
  • Protected – Modern boilers are safe and extremely unlikely to develop hazardous faults
  • High-tech – New boilers feature suites of extra features for better control

Routine Boiler Servicing in Harrow

Regular boiler servicing is crucial to maintaining your heating system. A poorly maintained boiler can quickly become inefficient, strained and eventually, it is at risk of breaking badly. A properly maintained boiler, on the other hand, can run smoothly and effectively for a very long time, circumventing the need for regular expensive repairs or at worse, a full-blown replacement.

Regular servicing also keeps your CO2 emissions down and your energy consumption lower, thus reducing your energy bills. A properly maintained boiler will heat more effectively and will be much cheaper to run in the long term. The cost of maintenance is much cheaper than the cost of a new boiler! Also, poorly maintained boilers are left at risk of emitting hazardous carbon monoxide. Regular maintenance makes this extremely unlikely.

As part of our boiler service in Harrow, we can check your entire heating system. This includes checking and venting your radiators. In a service, we can route out small issues before they develop into major ones. We’ll also be able to assess the functionality of your entire system and advise for any repairs. Our trained engineers go the extra mile in assessing your boiler and heating system and they’ll inform you of everything they’re doing as they go.

Rowlen in Harrow – Boiler and Heating Specialists

Rowlen is extremely experienced and we combine our technical expertise with customer service to provide an exceptional customer experience. With 50 years industry experience under our belt, we’ve seen pretty much every boiler and heating issue and thus, we possess the knowledge required to swiftly and efficiently solve heating issues across all brands and boiler types.

Our experience doesn’t just cover normal household boilers in homes, we also know our way around commercial or industrial boilers installed in large-scale properties. We’ll pledge maximum effort to every job, none are too big or too small. If you’d like to know more about our services then please get in contact – we don’t use call centres so you’ll be able to speak to us directly.

Qualified & Insured

The Rowlen heating team are qualified, knowledgeable and insured. When they are in your home, you feel secure, safe in the hands of vetted professionals. We always let you know exactly what work is being carried out and will tidy up when complete. So get you Boiler Serviced today by Rowlen Boiler Services Ealing.
We are local our offices are Spaces Rowlen Boiler Services Ealing 71, 75 Uxbridge Rd, London W5 5SL and we are open 8-5pm  020 7870 8598

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