Rowlen Boiler Services provides a full range of boiler servicing, repair and installation services to the Ickenham area. We operate within London, Surrey and Middlesex and with 50 years of experience in the boiling and heating industry, there is no job outside of our scope. We can perform all types of repair and service on any brand boiler. We also serve both private homes and commercial properties.

We’re a family company with a team of very friendly and highly experienced engineers. We’re dedicated to customer service and will always be on hand to answer questions, queries or feedback. Our technical expertise has seen us work across many brands and boiler types including, but not limited to, Vaillant boilers, Potterton boilers, Ideal boilers and Worcester Bosch boilers. We also repair, service and install many types of niche commercial or industrial boilers.

We provide a 12-month guarantee on everything, but some parts or boilers will be covered by extended warranties. Our friendly team is on hand 24/7 to deal with emergencies – we will ensure your boiler works like clockwork all year round!

Emergency and Routine Boiler Repair in Ickenham

Boilers are hardwearing and durable but nevertheless, issues do occur and repairs do inevitably become necessary! Over a boiler’s long life expectancy, repairs will have to be carried out at some point and these can range from fixing small gripes to major repairs on entire heating systems.

In the event of large-scale problems, Rowlen is on hand 24/7 to come out and assess your boiler for issues. After a full-scale diagnosis of your boiler and its operating functionality, we will advise you on the best course of action for repair. After we finalise a repair procedure, we will carry out the repair ASAP to get your heating back on track as soon as we can.

Our trained engineers have dealt with countless repairs ranging from the subtle and niggling to full-blown heating failure. You could say we’ve seen it all!

Our boiler repair in Ickenham is a first-class service that covers all boiler types and brands. We can deal with simple repairs or extremely complex repairs across large-scale heating systems in commercial or industrial settings.

Why Hire Professionals For A New Boiler Installation

Installing New Boilers in Ickenham

For new boilers in Ickenham, Rowlen provides full coverage of every boiler type and brand. Our comprehensive boiler fitting service is first-class and with 50 years’ experience, we know exactly what it takes to suggest and fit new boilers in any private or commercial building.

We will first make an assessment of your property to determine the best boiler type. Our highly trained engineers will work with you to discuss your heating needs and use requirements. Fitting a new boiler is a tricky task but our technical expertise in the heating industry means we have maintained an exceptional track record and thus, all installations are covered by at least 12-months parts and labour guarantees.

New boilers can improve your heating in many ways. Modern boilers are extremely long lasting and thus, they can yield massive savings in the long term. Not only are they more efficient, but they’re more reliable and require fewer expensive services. They’re also extremely safe and are very unlikely to develop hazardous faults.

Customer Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it, our happy customers in Ealing have rated our boiler service as “Excellent”

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Pros of Fitting a New Boiler

  • Efficiency – Improved efficiency keeps energy costs down
  • More effective heating performance – Newer boilers are more powerful and heat bigger areas for less
  • Reliable – With improved reliability, new boilers are far less likely to develop faults
  • Safety – It’s very unlikely a new boiler will develop hazardous faults
  • High-tech – New boilers come with an array of settings for greater heating control

Routine Annual Boiler Servicing In Ickenham

Boilers absolutely need regular maintenance. Avoiding regular maintenance will increase your boiler’s risk to fail catastrophically. Regular maintenance ensures that boilers work smoothly and sweetly, especially when the coldest months hit, and we absolutely rely on our heating.

With regular servicing, boilers can work for many years without fault. Services are often cheap and easy and they’re essential for routing out niggling issues before they become full-blown faults. Regular services also vastly improve boiler functionality and efficiency. Without services, boilers can become slower and more efficient ultimately resulting in increased running costs and colder heating! Finally and most importantly, services prevent the emission of harmful and potentially even fatal carbon monoxide.

We recommend annual services at least. Rowlen provides boiler services to Wembley and beyond and we cover every brand and type of boiler. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any service-related query.

Rowlen – A Local Boiler and Heating Company

Rowlen is a family company with extensive technical expertise and fantastic dedication to customer service. We’ve operated in the industry for longer than 50 years and thus, we absolutely know what it takes to provide a first-class service. We’re always on hand to answer queries and questions and there’s no job too big or too small. We have you covered – we’re on hand 24/7 to maintain your boiler and keep your house heating running to maximum efficiency!

Qualified & Insured

The Rowlen heating team are qualified, knowledgeable and insured. When they are in your home, you feel secure, safe in the hands of vetted professionals. We always let you know exactly what work is being carried out and will tidy up when complete. So get you Boiler Serviced today by Rowlen Boiler Services Ealing.
We are local our offices are Spaces Rowlen Boiler Services Ealing 71, 75 Uxbridge Rd, London W5 5SL and we are open 8-5pm  020 7870 8598

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