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Experience Rowlen’s five-decade excellent service in emergency boiler repair, delivered by our experienced heating engineers in Esher.

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Esher has become a residential favorite thanks to its outdoor leisure and green spaces like the historic Claremont Landscape Garden, coupled with the bustling town center filled with diverse shops and eateries and its rich history with landmarks related to Henry VIII.

Add to that its proximity to Hampton Court Palace and its excellent transport links, including a railway station with direct connections to London, this pretty Surrey village seems to really have it all.

Rowlen blends with this quality of life by always going the extra mile in making sure that every heating system in Esher is working properly through our emergency boiler repairs. With Rowlen, our residential and commercial clients don’t need to worry about their boiler breaking down in the dead of night. Our Gas Safe registered engineers are readily available 24/7 to address urgent boiler issues and any plumbing emergency that require immediate expert attention.

With over 50 years of unmatched reputation, Rowlen stands as your trusted choice for local boiler services and repairs in Esher. We take great pride in ensuring customer satisfaction and providing heating solutions tailored to your needs.

Call us today at 020 8395 8616.

Arrange Your Boiler Repair With Rowlen


Step 1: Diagnose

Our in-house trusted gas engineers will assess your boiler and diagnose the fault


Step 2: Quote

The engineer will, explain to you the fault and provide you with a cost for the repairs


Step 3: Repair

Repair/Replace any faulty components to get you warm again


Step 4: Completion

Make sure your boiler is safe and is functioning efficiently

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Boiler Breakdown? Call Rowlen.

We all know how much of a headache dealing with an untimely boiler breakdown is. You might think about having a go at fixing it yourself to save some cash, but trust us, that can make things worse if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

But don’t fret! Rowlen offers same-day repairs to quickly sort out the nightmare of a boiler breakdown, all done by our Gas Safe engineers who know their way around all kinds of gas boilers, whether you own the regular or the combi boilers.

Boiler troubles can come from all sorts of issues, like dodgy water pressure messing with your flow or causing leaks. Other usual suspects are malfunctioning boiler parts like cold radiators, inaccurate thermostats, worn-out pumps, and on the blink safety devices. And if your boiler starts making weird gurgling or banging noises, that’s a dead giveaway you need help fast.

Electrical issues like tripped circuits or blown fuses can also throw a spanner in the works. Plus, if you live in a hard water area, watch out for limescale clogging up your system and knocking down its efficiency.

Got a condensing boiler? Keep an eye on the condensate pipes during the cold spells—they can freeze up.

Don’t ignore these warning signs; they can affect your boiler’s energy efficiency, your energy bills going up, and even safety hazards. If your boiler stops giving you hot water, it’s time to ring us up.

Our team will get back to you fast and send over a Gas Safe engineer to get your boiler back up and running.


For further information, contact us today. You may call us at 020 8395 8616.

How Much Does A One-Off Boiler Repair Cost?

Our one-off repair services offer exceptional value for money, with costs varying based on your boiler type and location. Our office will ask a few simple questions to provide you with an accurate estimate.

Here is the standard cost of our boiler repair service in Esher:


Boiler Repair First Hour
Commercial Boiler Repair First Hour
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Why Choose Rowlen

Transparent & Competitive Pricing

At Rowlen, we offer clear, transparent pricing with competitive and fair rates that meet industry standards without compromising on quality. Expect an upfront, fixed price without hidden charges when you request for a quote.

In-House Qualified Experts

Rowlen only employs heating engineers dedicated exclusively to our team, ensuring each service upholds our high standards for customer safety and satisfaction. All of our heating engineers are Gas Safe registered, meeting government safety regulations to handle all gas appliances.

Fully Insured Services

A team that is working safely offers good service and excellent job, so we make sure that all of our plumbing, heating, and other services are certified and backed by comprehensive liability insurance.

Local Knowledge

Our engineers are all equipped with detailed knowledge of the community and local areas. Our deep understanding of the unique property characteristics in Esher means all boiler problems are resolved with ease and efficiency.

Expertise Across Various Brands

Our half-a-decade experience in the heating industry has given us the expertise to repair and service boilers from leading names including Potterton, Worcester Bosch, Glow Worm, Ideal Boilers, Baxi, Vaillant, and more.

Full Warranty

With Rowlen, losing your manufacturer's warranty is not an issue. We only choose top-quality boiler replacement parts from leading brands, guaranteeing that all the services for your Esher property will keep your boiler's warranty valid.

Boiler warranty validation
12-Month Guarantee

We offer a twelve-month labour warranty on all our repair work. Such is our confidence in the quality of our workmanship that, should any issues arise, just give us a call and we'll come back and fix them free of charge on all labour costs.

What our customers say about us…

Boiler Servicing

5 Stars

Excellent Communication, Friendly and Easy to Work With. Highly Professional and Prompt. Would Definitely Choose Their Services Again.


Leaking pipe

5 Stars

Just wanted to say how impressed I have been with Rowlen Boiler Services. I initially contacted them about a boiler service which was great but recently I had a leak...


Gas Heating Installation

5 Stars

Charlie friendly but also prompt and highly knowledgeable. He proved to be a really nice guy to work with. Throughout the process, his communication was excellent...


Boiler installation and relocation

5 Stars

Rowlen Boiler service was great from start to finish. Very friendly and professional response from Lara in the office. The customer service...


Gas Safety Checks

5 Stars

Gavin completed the annual gas safety work for me today and exhibited remarkable efficiency and cleanliness. I highly recommend him for any work you may need.


Cooker Installation

5 Stars

I received exceptional and timely service from Charlie, and this is the second time I have used his services.


Gas Safety Check, Boiler Service and Gas Certificate

5 Stars

A very professional and punctual service from the moment I engaged with them to arrange for the engineer to come in...


Boiler break down

5 Stars

I recently experienced the remarkable service of Rowlen Boiler Services when I encountered an issue with my boiler. Their prompt response and ability to fit me in for a same-day appointment...


Boiler annual inspection and smart thermostat installation

5 Stars

Easy communication and very reliable service both times, with both engineers. Very happy with the service provided.


New boiler installed

5 Stars

Work was carried out at my elderly Mothers house . The engineers were very kind and respectful, they cleared up before thy left each evening...


Boiler service and gas safety check

5 Stars

I had Rowlen Boiler Services perform a service on my boiler, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Their engineers were friendly, professional, and highly skilled...


Installing a pool boiler

5 Stars

A really great service from start to finish. Easy to speak to at the outset to arrange a visit from an engineer. He came up with...


Installed a new swimming pool boiler.

5 Stars

I chose Rowlen because they were very useful on the phone before installation, taking me through my requirements and recommending...


Fantastic Boiler Servicing

5 Stars

Fantastic experience with Rowlen. Got back to me within 24 hours with a few dates and times. Engineer came on time...


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide free no-obligation quotes?

    Yes, Rowlen provides free no-obligation quotes, enabling our potential residential and commercial customers to obtain a detailed estimate of the costs associated with our services without any commitment required.

    This will help you to make informed decisions about your plumbing and heating needs without any financial pressure or obligation to hire us for the job. We understand the importance of comparing prices and services from different providers especially if you are planning for budget-sensitive projects.

    No worries! Call us for further information and our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

  • Do you repair gas boilers?

    Yes, our expertise is dedicated to servicing and repairing gas boilers. Our team of boiler service engineers have specialised knowledge and tools required to maintain, repair, and service gas boilers across a wide range of brands and models.

    By concentrating exclusively on gas boilers, we ensure that our clients receive unparalleled expertise and attention.

    This dedicated approach keeps us sharp on the latest tech and safety standards, so you can trust you’re getting the best service for all your gas boiler needs.

    Just a heads-up, though—we don’t handle electric boilers, oil boilers, or biomass boilers.

  • What should I do before the heating engineer comes?

    It’s helpful to ensure the boiler engineer can easily get into your place, especially if you live somewhere with restricted access.

    Before they turn up, clear away anything blocking your boiler and make sure pets and kids are kept out of the way for safety.

    If you think there might be a gas leak, air out the space but don’t flick any electrical switches on or off. Also, make sure the engineer can easily get to your home’s water and electrical supplies.

    It’s really important that someone is there to let the engineer in, and have your warranty or service records handy for them to check out. Jot down any problems you’ve noticed with your boiler, and include the make and model to help them figure out what might be wrong quicker.

    Think about any questions you might have about the repair or upkeep of your boiler too. Don’t worry, all our engineers are ready to answer anything you need to know.

  • Can my boiler be repaired in one visit?

    With Rowlen, we take pride in delivering fast, reliable, and cost-effective results. While minor boiler repairs can often be completed during the first visit, more complex issues may require additional time.

    Our Gas Safe registered engineers come prepared with common boiler spares and aim to resolve most issues within the day. Our vans are stocked with an array of boiler spare parts, enabling us to perform a majority of boiler repairs without delay.

    However, should your heating systems require specialized parts that are not available on-hand, we will provide a cost estimate upfront and assist you in scheduling a follow-up repair.

  • What happens if my boiler cannot be repaired?

    Rowlen will assess your boiler first. If the heating engineer finds it impossible for repair or if repairing your old boiler will cost you more, we will recommend replacing it with a new boiler. Don’t worry; we will guide you through selecting a new, energy-efficient boiler that suits your Esher property and provide a professional boiler installation service.

  • Do annual boiler services help me avoid frequent boiler repairs in the future?

    An annual boiler service is the best preventative measure against frequent boiler issues that call for costly repairs. Maintaining the efficiency of your boiler regularly offers many benefits for safety and finances. As we all know, a well-maintained boiler uses less energy and therefore saves you from the dread of costly repairs.

    Through regular boiler servicing, you can detect and address minor problems early on, helping you keep your family’s safety, especially from the horrors of unmonitored gas leaks that could cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

    Moreover, most boiler manufacturers recommend getting an annual service in order to keep your boiler’s warranty valid. Have your boiler serviced with Rowlen and experience peace of mind all-year round.

  • Should I repair or replace my boiler?

    The decision to repair or replace your boiler hinges on factors like age, condition, and efficiency. While repairs might be a short-term solution, investing in new boilers might be more cost-efficient over time especially in dealing faulty old boilers.

    Our heating services in Esher can help determine the best course of action, and our heating engineers can perform both new boiler installations and repairs that aim for the satisfaction of our customers.

  • How does a new boiler installation differ from a central heating installation?

    A new boiler installation usually means swapping out your old one for a newer, more efficient model to keep your home cozy and your water hot.

    On the other hand, putting in a central heating system is a bigger job. It means starting from scratch—laying pipes, setting up radiators, and installing a new boiler to make sure your whole house stays warm.

    As you might guess, setting up a whole central heating system is a lot more involved and takes more time than just replacing a boiler.

    If you’re looking for a detailed cost estimate, just give us a call today. Our friendly office staff is here to assist you.

  • Why are gas safety checks important?

    Gas safety inspections are crucial to make sure all your gas appliances are running safely and efficiently. These checks are vital for preventing dangers like gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning, helping to keep your home secure.

    Only a fully qualified Gas Safe registered engineer can perform these inspections. Plus, we’ll provide you with a gas safety certificate, which is a must-have for all landlords and property owners to meet the legal requirements for commercial properties.


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