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Rowlen, Serving Eastcote With Boiler Care Since 1972

Eastcote, celebrated for its welcoming community and lush green spaces, is the perfect picture of suburban living with a distinctive charm. Its high street, lined with independent shops and historic buildings, reflects the area’s rich heritage and provides a bustling hub for locals. The abundance of parks and recreational facilities, including the well-loved Eastcote House Gardens, highlights the area’s appeal to families and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Since 1972, Rowlen has been offering the best heating and plumbing solutions tailored to the unique needs of this serene suburbs both in its residential homes and commercial properties . Our deep understanding of Eastcote’s blend of traditional homes and modern developments allows us to provide the best heating services, aligning with the lifestyle and expectations of local residents.

Our commitment to Eastcote extends beyond just maintaining comfortable homes. We’re on call 24/7 for any urgent repair needs, ensuring that Eastcote receives only the highest quality of services. With Rowlen, Eastcote residents enjoy peace of mind, knowing their central heating systems are cared for by fully qualified experts who truly understand and appreciate their way of life.


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Richard Lefley


We have used Rowlen for many years to service our heating system. They have an intimate knowledge of the houses in the area and the many old systems and boilers that many of us rely on. They have great experience of servicing all types of boilers and keeping going those that are getting old and which other companies might not want the trouble of servicing

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How Much Does a Boiler Service in Eastcote Cost?

Please be aware that the pricing for our boiler services can change anytime, similar to other household expenses. Factors such as the kind of boiler, its age, boiler brand, along with your geographical location, all play a role in determining the cost.

Nonetheless, here are the standard prices for some of our common services:


Boiler Service:
Landlord Gas Certificate:
Combined Boiler Service & Gas Certificate:
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Common Signs That Might Call For Boiler Repair

Experiencing boiler problems can be very stressful and quite costly. Better to catch things early than end up with all the extra costs for emergency boiler repairs and breakdowns.

Here are some warning signs of a to watch out for:

  • Unusual Sounds: Hearing noises like banging, whistling, or gurgling from your boiler can indicate trapped air, scale buildup causing kettling, or potential pump failure.
  • Leaks: Visible water around the boiler often means a breakdown in internal components, requiring prompt inspection from trained engineers and professional technicians.
  • Inconsistent Heat: Radiators not warming up evenly or experiencing sudden changes in temperature signal internal boiler issues.
  • Pressure Changes Low boiler pressure may indicate circulation problems, while high pressure could mean a faulty pressure relief valve, both of which require a Gas Safe engineer’s evaluation.
  • Pilot Light Problems: A pilot light that flickers, frequently extinguishes, or appears yellow instead of blue points to underlying issues that need immediate attention.

If any of these sounds familiar, you should contact us today

What our customers say about us…

Installed a new swimming pool boiler.

5 Stars

I chose Rowlen because they were very useful on the phone before installation, taking me through my requirements and recommending...


Cooker Installation

5 Stars

I received exceptional and timely service from Charlie, and this is the second time I have used his services.


Gas Heating Installation

5 Stars

Charlie friendly but also prompt and highly knowledgeable. He proved to be a really nice guy to work with. Throughout the process, his communication was excellent...


Gas Safety Checks

5 Stars

Gavin completed the annual gas safety work for me today and exhibited remarkable efficiency and cleanliness. I highly recommend him for any work you may need.


Boiler service and gas safety check

5 Stars

I had Rowlen Boiler Services perform a service on my boiler, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Their engineers were friendly, professional, and highly skilled...


Boiler installation and relocation

5 Stars

Rowlen Boiler service was great from start to finish. Very friendly and professional response from Lara in the office. The customer service...


Boiler Servicing

5 Stars

Excellent Communication, Friendly and Easy to Work With. Highly Professional and Prompt. Would Definitely Choose Their Services Again.


New boiler installed

5 Stars

Work was carried out at my elderly Mothers house . The engineers were very kind and respectful, they cleared up before thy left each evening...


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Boiler servicing, repair and installation in London and Surrey

Boiler Service FAQ

  • How often should I have my boiler serviced?

    It is recommended to go through your annual boiler service to ensure your boiler is running safely in its optimal condition. Regular boiler servicing also improves energy efficiency, saving you from the higher costs of energy bills.

  • How does annual servicing help me save costs?

    Annual servicing keeps your heating system efficient, avoiding the cost of frequent repairs, installations or replacements. It extends your boiler’s life and prevents breakdowns, making it the most cost-effective choice.

  • What are the consequences of neglecting a regular boiler servicing?
    • Increased Energy Bills: Inefficiencies from lack of servicing can raise your energy costs.
    • Higher Risk of Breakdowns: Lack of maintenance increases the likelihood of unexpected failures, potentially leading to expensive repairs or replacements.
    • Safety Hazards: Skipping checks can result in dangerous gas leaks or carbon monoxide exposure.
    • Prevention is Key: Routine servicing is crucial for preventing breakdowns, ensuring safe operation, and avoiding the need for costly repairs or replacements.

  • Can I perform any boiler maintenance myself?

    Attempting to do the maintenance yourself can seem tempting as it doesn’t require you to spend, although it may result in further costly damage and safety hazards.

    To effectively maintain a boiler system, specialized knowledge and experience are required.

    Yes, simple tasks like checking pressure, bleeding radiators, and keeping the boiler area clear are manageable and can be done by yourself.

    However, leave more complex operations to a professional and qualified engineer or technician to ensure safety.

    Hiring certified, qualified engineers with extensive expertise in handling these complex systems is highly recommended.

  • How long does a standard boiler service take?

    A boiler service is quicker than you might think, typically lasting between 45-60 minutes. It includes radiator venting and a CO2 check to ensure your safety from toxic gas leaks. If our technicians find any issues, they might perform additional repairs during the service to prevent future breakdowns.

  • How do I prepare for a boiler service visit?
    • Before the technician arrives, make sure to clear the area, check your boiler’s history, and note down any issues you’ve dealt with before.
    • During the servicing, ask questions about boilers, express your concerns, and stay informed.
    • After the service, review the service report, follow up on recommendations, and schedule your next service. Don’t forget to provide us some feedback so we can can work on improving our services.
  • What are the signs that I need an immediate boiler repair?

    Unusual noises, loss of pressure, no hot water, and visible leaks are critical signs that your boiler needs emergency repair. For urgent assistance, contact us on 020 8395.

  • Do you accept emergency boiler repair in Eastcote?

    Yes! We understand the urgency of unexpected boiler issues. Boiler issues can both cause danger and discomfort. Rowlen is available 24/7 and can take any emergency requests to diagnose and fix problems quickly. Our responsive team is prepared to address emergency situations promptly within the area. Contact us anytime!

  • Does Rowlen service on boilers that are over 20 years old?

    Yes! Your old boiler still stands a chance. Rowlen is fully prepared to service and repair boilers of any age, brand, or model, thanks to our experienced Gas Safe registered engineers. Our comprehensive service includes a thorough inspection, deep cleaning, and necessary adjustments or repairs to ensure your boiler operates at peak efficiency, keeping your home warm and safe. This detailed maintenance is key to preventing future issues and significantly prolonging your boiler’s lifespan.

  • What is a boiler's average lifespan?

    As your boiler reaches the 10 to 15-year mark, it may start encountering more frequent issues. While repairs can provide a temporary solution, it is advisable to consider a replacement when recurring problems arise.nAt Rowlen, our certified qualified engineers have extensive experience handling these complex systems and can provide top-notch ideal boiler repairs.

  • Are you covered by Liability Insurance and certified by Gas Safe?

    Yes, Rowlen holds both comprehensive liability insurance and a Gas Safe certification, ensuring our complete qualification for all the services that we offer.

    Our £5 million liability coverage extends to both our clients and engineers, offering protection throughout all boiler services, boiler installations, and repairs.

    Our Gas Safe certification is the document that certifies our compliance with legal standards on gas appliances. Feel free to verify our registration details and credentials on the official Gas Safe Register website, where our information is easily accessible using our registration number.

    At Rowlen, safety and professionalism are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to providing our clients and customers with peace of mind and ensuring our engineers possess the necessary qualifications and expertise to handle any boiler service, boiler installation,, or repair.

  • Does Rowlen also offer a service for new boiler installation?

    Yes, boiler installation is just one of the services we provide. Rowlen offers a range of services in Eastcote, including annual maintenance, central heating servicing, gas safety checks, and plumbing solutions.

  • What kind of boilers do you service in Eastcote?
    • Combi Boilers: Ideal for smaller homes or flats where space is limited, providing both heating and hot water from a single unit without the need for a separate water tank.
    • System Boilers: Suitable for homes with higher hot water demand, these boilers work with a cylinder to store hot water but do not require a cold water tank.
    • Conventional Boilers: Best for homes with a traditional heating and hot water system, requiring both a hot water cylinder and a cold water tank.
    • Condensing Boilers: We service all condensing versions of combi, system, and conventional boilers, known for their high efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.
  • Do you offer services for modern boilers?

    Yes, we offer services for modern boilers, including popular makes such as Vaillant boilers, Worcester Bosch, Baxi boilers, and Ideal boilers. Our expert engineers are trained and equipped to handle the latest in boiler technology, ensuring your contemporary heating system operates efficiently and effectively. Whether you need maintenance, repairs, or an installation service, we have the expertise to support your needs across these leading brands and more.

  • Is it worth investing in new boiler makes?

    Yes, if your old boiler has reached its end or if you are experiencing costly recurring repairs, it’s time to replace it with a newer model. Its benefits include:

    • Enhanced Efficiency: Newer models are designed to be significantly more energy-efficient, reducing your energy consumption and lowering your heating bills.
    • Improved Reliability: Newer models are engineered for better reliability, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and the need for repairs.
    • Advanced Technology: Newer models also come equipped with the latest technology, including smart controls that allow you to manage your heating remotely, providing convenience and further energy savings.
    • Environmental Benefits: Higher efficiency means lower carbon emissions, making newer boilers a more environmentally friendly option for heating your home.
    • Longer Lifespans: With advancements in technology and materials, new boiler models tend to have longer operational lifespans compared to older units.
    • Warranty Protection: New boilers often come with extended warranties, offering peace of mind and protection against unforeseen issues.

Rowlen boiler services in London

We hope you can find the answers to your questions below or call our friendly team on 020 8395 8616.

  • Are Rowlen engineers Gas Safe registered?
    Yes, all of our engineers are qualified and Gas Safe registered. They will be happy to show your their ID card on arrival. Our company Gas Safe Number is 618793
  • How do you charge for a repair?
    We judge each job fairly, but the majority of them are charged ‘by time’ at a rate of £80+vat per hour plus the cost of any parts used.
  • Are you VAT registered?
    Yes, our VAT number is 259 7975 29
  • Are you insured?
    Yes, we have public liability insurance of £2 million
  • What areas do you cover?
    We cover North, West & South London, Middlesex and Surrey.
  • How can I pay?
    You can pay by cheque to the engineer on the day of your visit, or pay within 15 days via BACS transfer or by card over the telephone. If your circumstances do not allow for this, we can extend our payment terms to suit your needs.
  • Do you offer care plans?
    Not yet, but it is something we are currently working on, so watch this space.
  • Is your work guaranteed?
    All our workmanship is guaranteed for twelve months. If something is not right, we will return to fix it free of charge.
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