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For over 50 years, Rowlen has been the cornerstone of warmth and comfort in every Frimley property


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Annual Boiler Service in Frimley

Frimley combines the serenity of Surrey with the convenience of modern living, making it a perfect setting for families and professionals. Rowlen, a family-run company with values deeply rooted to sense of community, delivers the best local boiler services tailored to the unique architecture and green principles of Frimley homes. We are dedicated to ensuring all of your home heating systems operate efficiently and safely, reflecting Frimley’s community spirit and commitment to quality.

Our boiler services in Frimley are designed to meet the specific needs of each household, from annual boiler servicing to tackling minor or full-blown boiler repair and emergency gas leaks.

After spending your time outdoors at Frimley Lodge Park or at the picturesque walking paths of Basingstoke Canal, we make sure that you are coming home to warmth and safety. Join our list of satisfied customers and experience the peace of mind that comes with our comprehensive range of services, whether it’s addressing your boiler fault, new boiler installations, regular boiler servicing or simple gas safety checks.

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Richard Lefley


We have used Rowlen for many years to service our heating system. They have an intimate knowledge of the houses in the area and the many old systems and boilers that many of us rely on. They have great experience of servicing all types of boilers and keeping going those that are getting old and which other companies might not want the trouble of servicing

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How Much Does a Boiler Service in Frimley Cost?

We offer a competitive price for our regular boiler maintenance services and boiler service one-offs. Our goal is to help you keep your boiler well-maintained and functional without breaking the bank.

*Costs may vary based on your boiler type and location.

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Benefits of Regular Boiler Servicing

Safety First

Annual servicing of your boiler is critical to ensure your heating system remains safe from leaks and faults. This proactive approach helps prevent major breakdowns and safeguards against hazards, notably carbon monoxide poisoning, keeping your Frimley home secure.

Enhanced Efficiency

A well-maintained boiler is an efficient boiler. Regular servicing ensures that your heating system runs at peak efficiency. Adhering to boiler manufacturers’ recommendations for annual checks can significantly cut energy consumption and reduce heating bills.

Minimizing Boiler Issues

Consistent boiler servicing in Frimley plays a vital role in minimizing unexpected failures. Early detection of issues like a frozen condensate pipe or pressure drops can avoid the inconvenience and expense of emergency repairs.

Prolonging Boiler Life

Regular check-ups can extend the life of your boiler, ensuring you get the maximum return on your investment and potentially delaying the need for a new boiler installation.

Warranty Requirements

Maintaining annual servicing is often essential to keeping your boiler’s warranty valid. Adherence to this requirement is a stipulation from most boiler manufacturers.

Compliance for Landlords

For landlords, conducting annual boiler services goes beyond benefit—it’s a legal obligation to ensure the safety of gas appliances for tenants, fulfilling government safety regulations.

Peace of Mind

The assurance that your boiler and heating systems are in top condition provides invaluable peace of mind, especially during the colder seasons. Regular servicing guarantees that your heating system is ready when you need it most.

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Why Choose Rowlen for Your Boiler Service in Frimley

Local Expertise

Rowlen's heating engineers, well-acquainted with Frimley's unique needs and structural nuances, provide exemplary local services for your boiler issues. Our deep understanding of local requirements ensures that each service is meticulously tailored.

Quick Response

Expect prompt service when you reach out to our dedicated support team. We commit to addressing your boiler issues on the same day, preventing any prolonged discomfort.

Transparent Costs

With Rowlen, you receive straightforward, upfront quotes for all heating services. We ensure complete transparency with no hidden fees, from routine boiler repairs to new boiler installations.

Gas Safe
Safety First

Our commitment to safety is unwavering; all Rowlen heating engineers are Gas Safe registered, meeting the highest standards for boiler servicing. This certification ensures that every service complies with national standards.

Excellent Customer Service

From routine annual boiler servicing to comprehensive boiler installations, our services ensure your heating system is efficient and safe. We stand out for our friendly customer service backed by the positive reviews from our previous customers.

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What our customers say about us…

Boiler service and gas safety check

5 Stars

I had Rowlen Boiler Services perform a service on my boiler, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Their engineers were friendly, professional, and highly skilled...


Boiler annual inspection and smart thermostat installation

5 Stars

Easy communication and very reliable service both times, with both engineers. Very happy with the service provided.


New boiler installed

5 Stars

Work was carried out at my elderly Mothers house . The engineers were very kind and respectful, they cleared up before thy left each evening...


Boiler Servicing

5 Stars

Excellent Communication, Friendly and Easy to Work With. Highly Professional and Prompt. Would Definitely Choose Their Services Again.


Fantastic Boiler Servicing

5 Stars

Fantastic experience with Rowlen. Got back to me within 24 hours with a few dates and times. Engineer came on time...


Installing a pool boiler

5 Stars

A really great service from start to finish. Easy to speak to at the outset to arrange a visit from an engineer. He came up with...


Gas Safety Check, Boiler Service and Gas Certificate

5 Stars

A very professional and punctual service from the moment I engaged with them to arrange for the engineer to come in...


Cooker Installation

5 Stars

I received exceptional and timely service from Charlie, and this is the second time I have used his services.


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Boiler servicing, repair and installation in London and Surrey

Boiler Service FAQs

We hope you can find the answers to your questions below or call our friendly team on 020 8395 8616.

  • What is involved in a boiler service in Frimley?

    A boiler service in Frimley typically involves a thorough inspection and testing of the boiler and its components, including checks on the gas supply, boiler’s heat exchange, and pressure relief valve.

    A registered gas engineer will also ensure that all the gas appliances are functioning properly and safely, adhering to government safety regulations.

  • Why is annual boiler service important?

    An annual boiler service is essential to maintain the efficiency and safety of your home heating system. It helps in identifying boiler faults early before it gets worse, ensuring that your system is energy-efficient and reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • What should I do if I smell gas or suspect a gas leak?

    If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, it is crucial to act immediately. Turn off the gas supply, evacuate the area, and contact the national gas emergency service. Do not use electrical switches, mobile phones, or any other sources that could ignite the gas. If more gas-related boiler issues persist, call a professional Gas engineer immediately.

  • How can I prevent boiler breakdowns in Frimley?

    Preventing breakdowns starts with regular maintenance and annual boiler servicing by trained gas engineers. Ensure that your heating system is checked regularly for any signs of wear or damage. Addressing issues like losing pressure, frozen condensate pipes, or corroded pipework promptly can help avoid unexpected breakdowns.

  • Who should I contact for emergency boiler repairs in Frimley?

    For any boiler emergency, contact our chat support. We keep our lines open 24/7, offering quick response times and sending our experienced technicians in the same day. Rowlen can assure every customer that our specialists are all registered gas engineers with proper gas certifications to handle emergency gas leaks and boiler issues efficiently.

  • What are the signs that I need a new boiler or central heating system?

    Signs that you might need a new boiler or central heating system include frequent boiler failures, inefficient heating, rising energy bills, and visible signs of corrosion or damage. Consulting with Frimley gas boiler installers can give you a better understanding and a free no obligation boiler survey.

  • How do I choose the best local boiler services in Frimley?

    To choose the boiler service that offers the highest quality, look for providers with a strong reputation, positive customer reviews, and a range of services from boiler repairs to Frimley central heating installations. Check for proper certifications, experience, and whether they offer a free no obligation boiler consultation.

  • What do typical boiler repairs in Frimley include?

    A typical boiler repair in Frimley include diagnosing and fixing common boiler issues like pump failures, pilot light outages, and pressure drops. Qualified engineers will also check for gas leaks, ensure the power supply is consistent, and that the boiler is operating safely.

  • How do I ensure my central heating system operates efficiently?

    Ensuring your central heating system operates efficiently involves regular servicing by qualified engineers, bleeding radiators to remove air pockets, maintaining the correct pressure, and updating old components like the boiler’s heat exchange if necessary for more energy-efficient models.

  • What steps should be taken if my boiler is losing pressure or acting unusually?

    If you’ve observed your boiler acting unusually or is losing pressure, first check for visible leaks or damaged pipework. Contact a registered heating engineer to inspect the system properly and identify any underlying issues. They can address problems such as a faulty pressure relief valve or issues with the heating controls.

    Remember, maintaining your boiler and central heating system not only keeps your home warm and safe but also ensures that you are complying with the latest safety regulations while optimizing energy usage.

  • How often should a boiler be serviced?

    Boiler manufacturers recommend to have your boiler serviced at least once a year by a professionally trained person or qualified gas fitters. Regular servicing ensures that your boiler burns efficiently and safely and can help extend its lifespan.

    Boiler maintenance can also identify potential issues before they become serious problems and prevent breakdowns and costly repairs in the future. Moreover, maintaining a yearly boiler servicing maintenance record is often required to keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid.

    Schedule now to get in touch with a qualified engineer

  • When should I consider a boiler replacement?

    You should consider boiler replacement if your boiler is over 10-15 years old, requires frequent repairs, boiler breakdowns occur from time to time, your energy bills are increasing, you’re experiencing inconsistent heating or not having any hot water, or if it’s no longer efficient.

    Upgrading to a new, more efficient model boiler can save on energy costs and ensure reliable heating.

  • What do I need to do before my boiler maintenance appointment?

    To make the boiler servicing process as efficient as possible, please ensure you take the following steps in preparation for our engineer’s arrival:

    • Clear Access: Please ensure that the area around your boiler and any central heating systems is clear of any clutter. This action will grant our engineer easy access and sufficient space to conduct a comprehensive inspection and servicing, which is crucial for maintaining your boiler’s efficiency and safety.
    • Gather Documentation: Have all pertinent documentation at hand, such as your boiler’s warranty details and any previous service records. Presenting these documents upon our engineer’s arrival can aid in swiftly diagnosing any potential issues, thereby preventing possible issues or overlooked boiler faults.
    • Be Present: We recommend that you are available at home during the scheduled service time. This gives you the opportunity to discuss any specific concerns or queries you might have with our trained gas engineers. Additionally, it allows you to gain valuable knowledge on maintaining your boiler’s efficiency, adhering to proper gas certifications, and understanding the significance of regular boiler servicing in Frimley to prevent future breakdowns.

Rowlen boiler services in London

We hope you can find the answers to your questions below or call our friendly team on 020 8395 8616.

  • Are Rowlen engineers Gas Safe registered?
    Yes, all of our engineers are qualified and Gas Safe registered. They will be happy to show your their ID card on arrival. Our company Gas Safe Number is 618793
  • How do you charge for a repair?
    We judge each job fairly, but the majority of them are charged ‘by time’ at a rate of £80+vat per hour plus the cost of any parts used.
  • Are you VAT registered?
    Yes, our VAT number is 259 7975 29
  • Are you insured?
    Yes, we have public liability insurance of £2 million
  • What areas do you cover?
    We cover North, West & South London, Middlesex and Surrey.
  • How can I pay?
    You can pay by cheque to the engineer on the day of your visit, or pay within 15 days via BACS transfer or by card over the telephone. If your circumstances do not allow for this, we can extend our payment terms to suit your needs.
  • Do you offer care plans?
    Not yet, but it is something we are currently working on, so watch this space.
  • Is your work guaranteed?
    All our workmanship is guaranteed for twelve months. If something is not right, we will return to fix it free of charge.
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