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For more than 50 years, Rowlen is Fulham’s trusted heating solutions when it comes to boiler services


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Choose Rowlen for your Fulham Boiler Service

Fulham, a quintessential London locale known for its picturesque Thameside scenery, vibrant cafes, and rich history, requires exceptional standards for residential comfort. This is where Rowlen’s unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction comes into play, solidifying our status as the leading choice for boiler service in Fulham. Our profound local knowledge and dedication to the community ensure that every service, from annual boiler servicing to urgent boiler repairs, is specifically catered to Fulham residents’ unique needs, ensuring optimal home warmth and efficiency.

Rowlen Boiler Services, with over 50 years of expertise, stands as the trusted provider for all boiler-related needs in Fulham. Our team of highly skilled engineers is prepared for anything, from standard maintenance checks to addressing emergency boiler repairs and executing efficient system upgrades, ensuring your heating systems operate flawlessly. Our commitment to maintaining your central heating and boiler system extends to dealing with common issues such as frozen condensate pipes, lime scale buildup, and more complex problems like motorised valve failures or corroded pipework, all to keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

In addition to our comprehensive services, we offer competitive prices and transparent dealings, ensuring that whether you’re installing a new, energy-efficient combi boiler or seeking solutions for an old boiler, Rowlen provides honest advice, clear communication, and exceptional service. Fulham residents can rely on our Gas Safe registered engineers for professional, efficient, and reliable boiler services, ensuring peace of mind and the continuous comfort of your home. Contact Rowlen today for your boiler servicing needs and join our community of satisfied customers in Fulham, enjoying the benefits of a well-maintained heating system.

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Richard Lefley


We have used Rowlen for many years to service our heating system. They have an intimate knowledge of the houses in the area and the many old systems and boilers that many of us rely on. They have great experience of servicing all types of boilers and keeping going those that are getting old and which other companies might not want the trouble of servicing

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How Much Does a Boiler Service in Fulham Cost?

We offer a competitive price for our regular boiler maintenance services and boiler service one-offs. Our goal is to help you keep your boiler well-maintained and functional without breaking the bank.

*Costs may vary based on your boiler type and location.

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What to Expect in a Regular Boiler Service

Comprehensive Check and Maintenance

Our Gas Safe registered heating engineers perform a detailed visual and operational check, including inspections for leaks, wear, and efficiency issues during the annual boiler service in Fulham. This ensures your central heating system and combi boilers are functioning properly and energy-efficiently.

Safety and Efficiency Assessments

We test safety devices, pressure relief valves, and the boiler’s heat exchange, alongside conducting flue gas analyses to ensure safe levels of carbon monoxide and efficient combustion, crucial for preventing boiler breakdowns and maintaining an effective heating system.

System Integrity and Performance

Our qualified engineer inspects and cleans key components like motorised valves and the heat exchanger, addressing issues such as corroded pipework, frozen condensate pipes, or pump failure, to prevent common boiler problems like losing pressure or strange noises.

Gas Supply and Boiler Operation

We verify the gas supply, water flow, and pressure levels are optimal, and perform checks on all operational aspects, including pilot lights and thermostatic controls, to ensure your Fulham home’s boiler provides consistent hot water and heating.

Professional Recommendations and Repairs

After servicing, you’ll receive honest advice on any necessary boiler repairs or adjustments, with competitive prices for fixing issues like broken diaphragms, low water pressure, or lime scale build-up, ensuring your boiler system remains reliable.

Documentation and Customer Support

Concluding your boiler servicing in Fulham, we provide a comprehensive service report, outline any recommended repairs or updates for older systems or new boiler installations, and offer ongoing customer support for any emergency boiler repairs or queries.


Why Choose Rowlen

Local Expertise

Rowlen's engineers are experts in Fulham's specific heating requirements, offering tailored boiler services and repairs for both traditional and modern systems, ensuring your home stays warm year-round.

Transparent Pricing

Expect clear, upfront quotes from Rowlen, ensuring no surprises and fostering trust with our transparent pricing strategy for all boiler services and repairs in Fulham.

Fully Insured and Guaranteed

Our services come with comprehensive liability insurance and a 12-month guarantee, providing peace of mind and protecting your investment in Fulham's homes.

Comprehensive Heating Services

From regular servicing to emergency boiler repairs, including issues with frozen condensate pipes and central heating systems, our Gas Safe registered engineers offer a wide range of services at competitive prices.

Customer-Centric Approach

We prioritize customer satisfaction with a commitment to providing honest advice and resolving heating issues efficiently. Our focus is on ensuring your boiler and heating system function properly and safely.

Efficient and Timely Service

Rowlen values your time, offering flexible scheduling and ensuring services like boiler repairs and checks in Fulham are completed efficiently to minimize disruption to your daily routine.

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What our customers say about us…

Boiler Servicing

5 Stars

Excellent Communication, Friendly and Easy to Work With. Highly Professional and Prompt. Would Definitely Choose Their Services Again.


Boiler break down

5 Stars

I recently experienced the remarkable service of Rowlen Boiler Services when I encountered an issue with my boiler. Their prompt response and ability to fit me in for a same-day appointment...


Boiler annual inspection and smart thermostat installation

5 Stars

Easy communication and very reliable service both times, with both engineers. Very happy with the service provided.


New boiler installed

5 Stars

Work was carried out at my elderly Mothers house . The engineers were very kind and respectful, they cleared up before thy left each evening...


Boiler service and gas safety check

5 Stars

I had Rowlen Boiler Services perform a service on my boiler, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Their engineers were friendly, professional, and highly skilled...


Cooker Installation

5 Stars

I received exceptional and timely service from Charlie, and this is the second time I have used his services.


Gas Heating Installation

5 Stars

Charlie friendly but also prompt and highly knowledgeable. He proved to be a really nice guy to work with. Throughout the process, his communication was excellent...


Boiler installation and relocation

5 Stars

Rowlen Boiler service was great from start to finish. Very friendly and professional response from Lara in the office. The customer service...


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Boiler servicing, repair and installation in London and Surrey

Boiler Service FAQs

We hope you can find the answers to your questions below or call our friendly team on 020 8395 8616.

  • What's Included in Rowlen's Boiler Service in Fulham?

    Our Gas Safe certified engineers conduct thorough inspections to ensure your boiler’s reliability and efficiency. Our service includes:

    • Fault identification and diagnosis
    • Cleaning of critical components
    • Burner and heat exchanger checks
    • Gas pressure and ventilation assessments
    • Flue and boiler casing inspections
    • Combustion efficiency analysis

  • How often should I have my boiler serviced?

    • It’s recommended to have a regular boiler servicing every year to ensure it’s running safely and efficiently. This also saves you from the costly energy bills and expensive repairs for boiler breakdowns.
  • How do I prepare for a boiler service visit?

    Before the technician arrives: Make sure to clear the area, check your boiler’s history, and note down any issues you’ve dealt with before.

    During the servicing: Ask questions about boilers, express your concerns, and stay informed.

    After the service: Review the service report, follow up on recommendations, and schedule your next service. Don’t forget to provide us some feedback so we can can work on improving our services.

  • Can I perform any boiler maintenance myself?
    • While basic checks like ensuring vents are clear and checking pressure levels can be done at home, it’s best to leave most maintenance to the professionals.

  • How long does a boiler service take in Fulham?
    • A standard boiler service usually takes between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the boiler’s condition and setup. Older systems might take a longer time to service compared to a new boiler. This is due to more components that are losing accuracy, affecting more parts.

  • Is it worth investing in a boiler maintenance plan?
    • Yes, a maintenance plan can help catch issues early, extend the life of boilers, and save you the extra cost on potential emergency boiler repairs.

  • Do you accept emergency boiler repair in Fulham?
    • Yes! We understand the urgency of unexpected boiler issues since it can cause both danger and discomfort. We keep our lines open 24/7 for emergency requests so we can diagnose and fix problems quickly. Our team is prepared to address emergency situations promptly within the area. Contact us anytime!

  • Does Rowlen service boilers that are over 20 years old?
    • Yes! Your old boiler still stands a chance. Rowlen is fully prepared to maintain and repair boilers of any age, brand, or model, thanks to our experienced Gas Safe registered engineers. Our comprehensive service includes a thorough inspection, deep cleaning, and necessary adjustments or repairs to ensure your boiler operates at peak efficiency, keeping your home warm and safe. This detailed maintenance is key to preventing future issues and significantly prolonging your boiler’s lifespan.
  • Are you covered by Liability Insurance and certified by Gas Safe?
    • Yes, Rowlen holds both comprehensive liability insurance and a Gas Safe certification, ensuring our complete qualification for all the services that we offer.
    • Our £5 million liability coverage extends to both our clients and engineers, offering protection throughout all boiler services, boiler installations, and repairs.
    • Our Gas Safe certification is the document that certifies our compliance with legal standards on gas appliances. Feel free to verify our registration details and credentials on the official Gas Safe Register website, where our information is easily accessible using our registration number.
    • At Rowlen, safety and professionalism are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to providing our clients and customers with peace of mind and ensuring our engineers possess the necessary qualifications and expertise to handle any boiler service, installation, or repair.

  • What other services do you offer?

    We are your one-stop shop for all your heating and plumbing needs in London! Here’s a quick overview of what we offer beyond your boiler maintenance and repairs:

    Heating Services

    • Boiler Installation: Upgrade your property heating with expert installation of energy-efficient boilers tailored to your specific needs.
    • Boiler Servicing: Ensure optimal performance and prevent any boiler breakdowns, with our annual boiler servicing plans.
    • Emergency Boiler Service: 24/7 response for unexpected boiler emergency issues, keeping you warm and comfortable anytime.
    • Central Heating Maintenance: Keep your entire system running smoothly with radiator checks, pipe replacement and repairs, and thermostat adjustments.
    • Gas Safety Checks: Stay compliant with legal regulations and ensure your safety with thorough gas safety inspections and certifications.

    Plumbing Services

    • Leak Repairs: We fix leaking pipes. From drips to major leaks, we handle all your plumbing repair and replacement needs efficiently.
    • Fixture Installation: Upgrade your bathroom or kitchen with professional installation of new faucets, toilets, showers, and more.
    • General Plumbing Services: We tackle any plumbing issue, big or small, ensuring your system functions flawlessly.

  • What are the common signs that I might need urgent boiler repair?

    Old boilers which have gone unserviced for a long time will show signs that will make you opt for a boiler repair before a boiler breakdown ruins your day. Check out these signs of your old boiler calling for a professional service.

    • No Hot Water: This is the most obvious sign of boiler problems, potentially caused by pressure relief valve failures, thermostat issues, or low water levels, demanding immediate repair or boiler service.
    • Strange Banging Noises: Listen for strange banging, whistling, or gurgling noises, indicating lime scale deposit built inside, a possible air in the system, low water pressure, or pump failure. This also most probably suggests a frozen condensate pipe, which is common in Fulham during colder months, and may lead to a shutdown of the heating system. All of these require a qualified engineer.
    • Leaks and Drips: Water leakage can signal a corroded pipework which usually calls for replacement parts. Even a small leak of any kind can grow into a gas fire or any worse boiler problem that may hinder gas safety of your property. This is a common reason to call for emergency boiler repairs to prevent further damage.
    • Pressure Issues: Boilers losing pressure or showing signs of high pressure can indicate a leak, a problem with the pressure relief valve, or issues with the water flow. Frequent pressure drops may point to gas leaks or system issues, requiring a professional boiler repair done by an experienced team.
    • Erratic Behavior: Sudden shutdowns or irregular function can indicate serious problems needing urgent attention to boilers. When your boiler is not functioning properly as it should, call a professional heating service with qualified heating engineers now before the situation gets worse.
    • Warning Lights: Modern boilers will display error codes or lights when there’s an issue; a signal to contact a Gas Safe registered engineer immediately. If the pilot light goes out, it signals a broken thermocouple and closed valve causing the gas supply to be shut off to your heater.

  • What are the common problems with combi boilers?

    Combi boilers, while efficient and space-saving, can suffer from problems like frozen condensate pipes, pressure issues, and failure of internal components like the heat exchanger or motorised valves. Watch out for strange rumbling noise, absence of hot water, warning lights failures, and other issues mentioned above. For emergency boiler repairs, contact Rowlen immediately.

Rowlen boiler services in London

We hope you can find the answers to your questions below or call our friendly team on 020 8395 8616.

  • Are Rowlen engineers Gas Safe registered?
    Yes, all of our engineers are qualified and Gas Safe registered. They will be happy to show your their ID card on arrival. Our company Gas Safe Number is 618793
  • How do you charge for a repair?
    We judge each job fairly, but the majority of them are charged ‘by time’ at a rate of £80+vat per hour plus the cost of any parts used.
  • Are you VAT registered?
    Yes, our VAT number is 259 7975 29
  • Are you insured?
    Yes, we have public liability insurance of £2 million
  • What areas do you cover?
    We cover North, West & South London, Middlesex and Surrey.
  • How can I pay?
    You can pay by cheque to the engineer on the day of your visit, or pay within 15 days via BACS transfer or by card over the telephone. If your circumstances do not allow for this, we can extend our payment terms to suit your needs.
  • Do you offer care plans?
    Not yet, but it is something we are currently working on, so watch this space.
  • Is your work guaranteed?
    All our workmanship is guaranteed for twelve months. If something is not right, we will return to fix it free of charge.
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