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For more than five decades, one of the most trusted local heating engineers & gas fitters in West Sussex


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Rowlen Offers Premier Boiler Services in Horsham

Horsham, surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of Surrey Hills, is a historic market town known for its architecture and friendly community. Horsham’s bustling High Street and access to most transport links to London have made it a crowd favorite. Being one of the most preferred town by many families, Horsham prioritizes home maintenance for the residents’ safety and comfort.

Since 1974, Rowlen provides nothing but the most excellent way in taking care of Horsham’s heating system in every property, giving every resident and visitor the extra peace of mind they all need. Our experienced and highly qualified team is dedicated to providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. Whether you need routine maintenance, emergency boiler repairs, or new central heating installation, Rowlen is here to help. Trust us for all your heating and plumbing needs in Horsham.


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Richard Lefley


We have used Rowlen for many years to service our heating system. They have an intimate knowledge of the houses in the area and the many old systems and boilers that many of us rely on. They have great experience of servicing all types of boilers and keeping going those that are getting old and which other companies might not want the trouble of servicing

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How Much Does a Boiler Service in Horsham Cost?

We offer a competitive price for our regular boiler maintenance services and boiler service one-offs. Our goal is to help you keep your boiler well-maintained and functional without breaking the bank.

*Costs may vary based on your boiler type and location.

Boiler Service:
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Save Money on Boiler Repairs with Rowlen's Annual Boiler Service in Horsham

Avoid the winter chill and unexpected expenses with Rowlen’s proactive approach to your home heating. Scheduling an annual boiler service is the most efficient way to prevent costly repairs and ensure your house and other properties in Horsham remain safe and warm despite the unpredictable London weather.

Here’s what Horsham residents can expect from Rowlen’s standard boiler service:

Visual Inspection

Our highly qualified heating engineers conduct a detailed visual inspection of your boiler and its vicinity. As Gas Safe registered professionals, their job is to identify any potential issues, such as leaks, corrosion, or damage, ensuring your unit’s optimal performance and safety.

Checking Boiler Controls and Parts

After a thorough external review, we’ll assess the boiler’s controls and internal components, verifying that everything is working properly, thus safeguarding against unexpected breakdowns and maintaining efficiency.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Our team proceeds with cleaning critical boiler parts, removing any debris or build-up that could impede performance. If ever there are parts that are due for repair and they might need to fix, they will inform you beforehand. This maintenance is essential for ensuring your central heating system, whether it’s a conventional, gas, or combi boiler, operates smoothly and maintains its efficiency, thereby extending its lifespan and complying to safety standards.

Annual Service and Scheduling

Post-service, Rowlen ensures your central heating system is functioning flawlessly, offering extra peace of mind. We also set up a reminder for your next service, so you can remain worry-free about remembering to book the following year’s check-up.

By choosing Rowlen’s boiler services in Horsham, you’re not just getting a one-time repair; you’re investing in the longevity and efficiency of your heating system, which can lead to significant savings on energy bills and avoid the inconvenience of emergency repairs.

Residents in Horsham, Haywards Heath, and the broader West Sussex area can enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained boiler by getting in touch with Rowlen. Our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction ensures that your heating needs are met with professionalism and expertise.

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Why Choose Rowlen for Expert Boiler Care in Horsham

Wide Range of Services

Horsham's mix of historical and modern properties means having a heating system that caters to various needs is essential. Rowlen offers a comprehensive array of boiler services that fit perfectly with the diverse demands of Horsham, including: annual boiler service; prompt boiler repairs and emergency responses; installation of new boilers and also replacement of your old boiler; and maintenance for both traditional and modern boiler systems. Our Gas Safe registered engineers have extensive knowledge in servicing all types of boilers, ensuring your house and other properties stay safe and warm.

Local Knowledge and Accessibility

Rowlen's expertise isn't just confined to Horsham; it extends throughout the South East, including West Sussex, Haywards Heath, and surrounding areas. This local expertise ensures that our solutions are specifically tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by Horsham properties, providing reliable and swift service, whether it's for an urgent repair or routine maintenance.

Specialization and Expertise across All Boiler Brands

We pride ourselves on our proficiency across a wide range of boiler brands, including industry leaders like Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Vaillant, and Ideal. This ensures that regardless of your boiler model or make, our skilled engineers can deliver top-quality service and advice.

24/7 Availability for Emergency Repairs

Boiler breakdowns can cause too much disruption in our chores, especially in the busy market town like Horsham. We keep our lines open 24/7 for our customers that need urgent boiler repairs.

Commitment to Safety

In Horsham, where safety and environmental standards are of paramount importance, Rowlen's commitment aligns with the local values. Our dedication to safety is evident in our comprehensive liability insurance and Gas Safe Certification, ensuring that every job we undertake is performed with the highest regard for safety and quality.

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What our customers say about us…

Cooker Installation

5 Stars

I received exceptional and timely service from Charlie, and this is the second time I have used his services.


Boiler installation and relocation

5 Stars

Rowlen Boiler service was great from start to finish. Very friendly and professional response from Lara in the office. The customer service...


Leaking pipe

5 Stars

Just wanted to say how impressed I have been with Rowlen Boiler Services. I initially contacted them about a boiler service which was great but recently I had a leak...


Boiler service and gas safety check

5 Stars

I had Rowlen Boiler Services perform a service on my boiler, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Their engineers were friendly, professional, and highly skilled...


Gas Heating Installation

5 Stars

Charlie friendly but also prompt and highly knowledgeable. He proved to be a really nice guy to work with. Throughout the process, his communication was excellent...


Boiler annual inspection and smart thermostat installation

5 Stars

Easy communication and very reliable service both times, with both engineers. Very happy with the service provided.


Gas Safety Checks

5 Stars

Gavin completed the annual gas safety work for me today and exhibited remarkable efficiency and cleanliness. I highly recommend him for any work you may need.


New boiler installed

5 Stars

Work was carried out at my elderly Mothers house . The engineers were very kind and respectful, they cleared up before thy left each evening...


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Boiler servicing, repair and installation in London and Surrey

Boiler Service FAQs

We hope you can find the answers to your questions below or call our friendly team on 020 8395 8616.

  • How long does a standard boiler servicing in Horsham take?

    The duration of a boiler service can vary depending on several factors, including the type of boiler, its age, and its condition. On average, a boiler service typically takes between 30 minutes to an hour for a standard inspection and maintenance check. However, if any repairs or additional work are required, the service may take longer.

    During the service, a qualified engineer will inspect various components of the boiler, clean it, and check for any issues that may affect its performance. They will also test the boiler to ensure it is working safely and efficiently. It’s important to have your boiler serviced annually to keep it running smoothly and to identify any potential problems early on.


  • What are the possible factors that may affect the cost for my boiler's annual service?
    • Location

      The location where you reside plays a role in determining the cost of servicing your boiler. Prices can vary based on regional labor rates, service demand, and competition among service providers. For example, if you live in a high-demand area with limited service providers, the cost of servicing may be higher compared to areas with more options.

    • Boiler Type

      The type of boiler you have can also influence the cost of servicing. Different boilers may require different maintenance tasks, leading to variations in pricing. For instance, a combi boiler may need more frequent servicing compared to a traditional boiler, resulting in higher costs over time.

      To request for a cost estimate, you may contact us to receive your quote for free.


  • Do you service all boiler types?

    Yes. Our team of expert engineers is trained to work with various boiler types, including combi boilers, system boilers, and regular boilers. Whether you have an older model or a modern, high-efficiency boiler, we have the knowledge and expertise to service and repair it. We understand that each type has its own unique requirements of boiler repair, and we tailor our approach to suit the specific needs of your boiler. When you choose us, you can trust that your boiler is in capable hands, regardless of its type.

  • Do you perform Gas Safety Inspections?

    Yes, we offer comprehensive gas safety inspections that include various tests and checks to make certain of the safe operation of your gas appliances. This includes testing the gas boiler, fire, and cooker to ensure they are burning correctly, as well as checking for proper ventilation and functioning of safety devices.

    Our team also ensures that all gas appliances are securely fitted and connected to the pipes and confirms the flues and chimneys are clear for safe gas transfer.

    Upon completing a successful gas safety check, we provide our clients with a Gas Safety Record (also known as a CP12 or Gas Safety Certificate). This document contains detailed information on the engineer, property, appliances tested, safety check results, identified defects, and remedial actions taken.

  • What are some tips in locating a trusted heating company in Horsham?

    When it comes to spotting a reliable boiler service provider, there are specific steps you can follow to make certain you make the right choice. Here’s a guide to help you through the process:

    Do an Online Search: Use keywords like ” boiler service Horsham” or “boiler repair Horsham” to find local businesses that offer these services.

    Read Reviews: Take the time to read clientele reviews and ratings to better understand each company’s reputation and level of customer satisfaction.

    Ask for Recommendations: Reach out to your close network of friends, family, or colleagues who have recently had their boiler serviced and ask for personal recommendations.

    Get Quotes: Contact multiple service providers and request quotes to compare prices and services. Make sure to provide them with detailed information about your boiler’s make and model so they can give you an accurate quote.

    Verify Credentials: It’s crucial to ensure that any company or technician you hire is Gas Safe registered, which means they are rightfully qualified to work with gas appliances. You can prove this by checking their credentials on the Gas Safe Register website.

    Check Experience and Specialties: Look for companies that have experience servicing the boiler you have and specifically mention it as one of their specialties. This will give you confidence that they have the necessary knowledge and skills to service your boiler properly.

    Do your search for a reliable heating and plumbing service in Horsham and Rowlen will come up. We are a reputable heating and plumbing service serving Horsham and the rest of East Sussex by offering various services, including gas safety inspections and boiler emergency repairs.


  • What other services do you offer?

    Here at Rowlen, we pride ourselves with the wide and comprehensive range of professional services that we offer to our customers. Our efficient service and expertise extends to:

    • Boiler Service and Repairs

      From routine maintenance of the central heating system to complex gas boiler repairs, our team is skilled in handling all boiler service or annual boiler service needs to keep your system running efficiently.

    • Central Heating System Installation and Maintenance

      We specialize in the installation and maintenance of central heating systems, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.

    • Gas Boiler Installations and Servicing

      Our Gas Safe registered engineers are experts in installing and servicing gas boilers, providing safe and reliable heating solutions for your home.

    • Gas Fire Installations and Servicing

      Whether you need a new gas fire installed or your existing one serviced, we have the expertise to ensure your gas fire is operating safely and efficiently.

    • Annual Boiler Servicing

      Regular servicing of your boiler is essential to maintain its efficiency and prolong its lifespan. Our annual boiler servicing ensures your boiler is in top condition.

    • Condensing Boiler Installations

      We specialize in the installation of condensing boilers, known for their energy efficiency and cost-saving benefits.

    • Plumbing Requirements

      In addition to boiler and heating services, we also offer a wide range of plumbing services to meet all your plumbing requirements.

    • And Much More

      With our wealth of experience and expertise, there’s no job too big or too small for us to handle. Whether you have a specific request or need advice on your heating system, we’re here to help.

    Contact us today to schedule a service or to discuss your heating and plumbing needs. We’re committed to providing high-quality service and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Rowlen boiler services in London

We hope you can find the answers to your questions below or call our friendly team on 020 8395 8616.

  • Are Rowlen engineers Gas Safe registered?
    Yes, all of our engineers are qualified and Gas Safe registered. They will be happy to show your their ID card on arrival. Our company Gas Safe Number is 618793
  • How do you charge for a repair?
    We judge each job fairly, but the majority of them are charged ‘by time’ at a rate of £80+vat per hour plus the cost of any parts used.
  • Are you VAT registered?
    Yes, our VAT number is 259 7975 29
  • Are you insured?
    Yes, we have public liability insurance of £2 million
  • What areas do you cover?
    We cover North, West & South London, Middlesex and Surrey.
  • How can I pay?
    You can pay by cheque to the engineer on the day of your visit, or pay within 15 days via BACS transfer or by card over the telephone. If your circumstances do not allow for this, we can extend our payment terms to suit your needs.
  • Do you offer care plans?
    Not yet, but it is something we are currently working on, so watch this space.
  • Is your work guaranteed?
    All our workmanship is guaranteed for twelve months. If something is not right, we will return to fix it free of charge.
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