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There is nothing more stressful than heading off to work only to find that your commercial boiler has broken down. This impacts your working day, your customer base and the revenue you are working so hard for. When you start searching for ‘commercial boiler repair near me’, why don’t you consider Rowlen to complete the work.

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We are a family-run, customer-focused business and the best part is that we know all there is to know about commercial boilers, so you can get up and running in no time at all. We understand that boilers don’t understand working days, so we have a 24/7 call-out service, 365 days a year so that you don’t need to be off the grid for too long.

Commercial Boiler Repair London

If your business is located in London or the surrounding areas, then we can help. Commercial boilers are more complicated than household boilers, and so it is essential to work with a company that has experience in this sector.

When you contact us for an appointment, you will be given a time slot in which you can expect the engineer to arrive. The appointment will consist of them diagnosing the problem and then working out the best way to fix it. Rowlen engineers fix the problem on the first visit for over 90% of all the repair work we carry out. However, if we cannot fix it on our first appointment, we will arrange a convenient time to return and complete the work.

Common Commercial Boiler Problems

If you have a commercial boiler to maintain, then it is wise to look out for some of these common problems so that you can get them resolved before they become more expensive!

  • Leaking boilers are more common the older a unit gets. Leaks are generally the result of cracks in the pipework of the boiler body as well as broken seals that have dried up over the years. A leaking boiler can pose more risks than just breaking down; it has the potential to cause significant water and electrical damage and needs to be addressed the moment you spot any leaks.
  • Noisy boilers get more common the older a unit gets and is often the result of blockages or wear and tear that causes loose parts. It can also be a sign of low water pressure, and again, you must get this checked out as soon as you notice any noises. The good news is that the earlier the noises are checked out, the easier it is to repair!
  • Combustion problems are one of the most severe problems a commercial boiler can have. As a result, it can turn into a deadly carbon monoxide leak. Inefficient or incomplete combustion is harder to spot as carbon monoxide has no taste or smell. However, a yellow flame rather than a blue one may be a warning sign. The best way to avoid this issue is to get your boiler serviced every year without fail as well as installing carbon monoxide detectors across the premises.

Owning a commercial boiler is a responsibility, and you must maintain your unit and get it repaired at the first sign of a problem. Failing to do this can have devastating effects on your business and your life.

Commercial Boiler Replacement

Sadly, not all boilers can be repaired, and you may have to have a new boiler installed to replace a broken one. Do not despair! Rowlen have significant experience in installing commercial boilers and are qualified to install a range of makes and models.

The great news about having a new boiler installed is that you can expect your energy bills to drop because modern boilers are more efficient. This means that you will, over time, save the money back that you spend on installing a new boiler into your premises.

Commercial Boiler Servicing

If your boiler is working well, then it is sensible to have it serviced each year. The service will allow you to see how efficient it is and to check the unit thoroughly. After each service, you will get a full verbal report on the status of your boiler and advice on any work that needs doing.

It is a simple fact that servicing your boiler annually means that it will last longer and can help you avoid tremendous problems because they will have been detected and resolved early on. Why don’t you book your appointment today!

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